Our Gender Reveal Party

Our gender reveal party was one for the books and something I don’t take for granted now that all of this COVID-19 stuff is going on. Since I’ve had so many questions about details from our gender reveal, I thought I would share photos from the party we had back in November. This was the most special day and moment I will always cherish!

gender reveal calligraphy balloons
guessing gender for gender reveal with polaroids
gender reveal party guessing game

At week 12 we did our genetic testing. We were one of those couples that wanted to find out as soon as possible what the gender of our baby was! We had the doctor call my sister with the results and she was sworn to secrecy. She wouldn’t even tell her husband haha so she was the only person that knew the gender up until our reveal. We didn’t have our party until week 16 because we needed to send out invites and find a date that worked for everyone. That 4 week wait was absolutely brutal!

We had Lushra do the most beautiful balloon display and we used Poof There It Is confetti/smoke canons for the actual reveal. We played the most fun guessing games with the oversized calligraphy balloons and had our guests take a polaroid photo with their guess. I saved these for the baby’s memory box too!

cute gender reveal decor for blogger So Sage
balloon guessing game for baby gender reveal
gender reveal party decor for so sage blog
pastel colored balloons for gender reveal party

After mingling and getting everyone’s guesses, we got everyone to go into the backyard. Here is a video of the actual reveal (along with a sweet video message from my sister) and photos are below 🙂

confetti cannon gender reveal for blogger So Sage
gender reveal for baby girl with family
gender reveal with calligraphy balloons

This day was so incredibly special finding out we were expecting a BABY GIRL. I had been praying and begging for a little girl. I think every woman wants a daughter at some point and I just daydreamed about my first being a girl. Kyle of course wanted a boy (typical man) but thought we were having a girl. We both guessed right! Ever since we found out it was a girl I noticed an immediate change in Kyle. Almost like he now knew he had this precious and delicate gift that he needed to be an example to now. We are so so excited to meet our little princess!!

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  1. Anjali Green 09.11.20

    You wear pink dress, so I guess it’s a Girl. and FINALLY IT IS.

    Anjali Green


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