Thank you so much for taking a peak into my world, So Sage. This blog is a culmination of my vision, dreams, aspirations, fears, insecurities, risks and above all, my passions.  I believe a lack of passion is fatal. I know, a total cliché….but true nonetheless. Similar to my style, I make life choices based on pure emotion. Am I Impulsive?  Absolutely.  Spontaneous? 100%. Unpredictable, free spirited, border-line crazy? Yes, all the above. Sure, it has kicked me in the ass several times in the past and I’m certain it will continue to do so in the future. But this is part of who I am, who I will always be. And quite frankly, if you ask anyone that knows me… that’s “So Sage”.

With that being said, what does “So Sage” mean exactly? No, I’m not obsessed with myself. Allow me to explain…

about Sage Wilson of So Sage Blog

As a little girl, there were two places you could find me. Playing street hockey with the boys or buried in my mother’s closet. She has impeccable taste and a sick fashion collection that embodies glam & elegance (had me drooling for Chanel at the age of 2…literally). As for me? Total tomboy and rule breaker in every way. The middle child, rebel, mischievous one, trouble maker, you name it…I’ve heard it. Same goes for my wardrobe. When and if there are any rules, you can count on me breaking them. As I began to pull inspiration from both my mothers closet and my own inner rebel, friends & family coined the look “So Sage”. I don’t use definitive words for describing my style because the way I dress is constantly evolving and typically a reflection of how I feel at that moment in time. My go-to look? A luxury staple paired with accessible finds, but above all else..comfort. I enjoy challenging and questioning the rules of fashion because, well, I’m just not a rule following type of girl. I hope to in some way inspire you to live on the edge, try to new trends, break the rules, live a little, and feel that you too can express yourself through the clothes you wear.

I make this promise to you: my blog, my business, my thoughts, and my style will always be raw, always be me, and will always be “So Sage”.

Love and good vibes,