Viewing Party at 4 Seasons Houston

A few weeks ago, I threw an Oscar’s viewing party at the Four Seasons Hotel here in downtown Houston. If you haven’t been there since they renovated last year, you’re seriously missing out. Talk about decor goals!!

My parents happened to be in town visiting for my sister’s birthday weekend, so they ended up staying that Sunday to hang out. And since we’re all about it being one big party, we decided to celebrate both my sister’s birthday and the Oscar’s by having a watch party in the ‘Swing Suite’. We had my sister’s close friends, our family, and even my baby nephews came!Blogger So Sage at 4 Seasons Hotel HoustonBlogger So Sage at 4 Seasons Hotel HoustonBlogger So Sage at 4 Seasons Hotel HoustonBlogger So Sage at 4 Seasons Hotel HoustonBlogger So Sage at 4 Seasons Hotel HoustonBlogger So Sage at 4 Seasons Hotel HoustonBlogger So Sage at 4 Seasons Hotel Houston

The ‘Swing Suite‘ is most commonly used for playing a digital version of Topgolf, but there are two large screens and a curtain that splits the bays into two. We decided to rent out both bays, open the curtain, and turn the suite into one big room to accomdate all of our guests. On one of the screens we had the Oscar’s red carpet streaming (for the ladies) and on the other screen was an intense game of Topgolf amongst the guys. I tried to jump in there for a few swings, but I’m honestly just terrible.

It was nice though, because we were all together in the same room but the guys were entertained and so were the ladies. The room is enclosed by heavy doors which keeps all of the sound within the space and is nice if you have a rowdy group like us! We enjoyed drinks and yummy food from their restaurant Bayou & Bottle and the service was seriously impeccable. We had the same waitress throughout our entire time there (6-11pm) that took great care of us and was the nicest ever! They even brought out a birthday cake with candles and sang happy birthday to my sister πŸ˜‰

Before the Oscar’s started, we printed out ballets and filled them out just for fun. My parents usually do this with a group of their friends that are intense movie watchers, so we thought it would be fun to do with our group this time! I think I got maybe three categories right, but everyone was so competitive with it and it made watching the Oscar’s that much more entertaining.

Although I’m not a parent (yet), my sister was saying how nice it was to have room for the stroller and the kids to be in a comfortable area while the adults were able to relax as well. We were actually turned down by two bars that weekend because they didn’t allow babies, so obviously this was a releif and she was able to enjoy herself.

The next time you’re having a little get together or viewing party, I totally recommend checking out the Swing Suite at the Four Seasons Houston. The bays can be reserved at any time by calling Bayou & Bottle directly at  713-276-4715.

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