Non-Maternity + Bump Friendly Dresses

non maternity but bump friendly dresses

I know for me personally, styling myself at the beginning of my pregnancy was a bit of trial and error. One thing I quickly found, non-maternity + bump-friendly dresses were always a hit. I didn’t like the idea of buying all maternity items, then possibly never wearing them again. I’m breaking down a few styling tips for you mamas and also recommending some of my favorite non-maternity but bump-friendly dresses.

Styling Tip #1

Purchase more options and sizes than normal, then try things on. It’s hard to know how much your dress will come up, how it will fit, if you’ll even like it, etc., until you actually try things on. If you find 1 thing out of the 10 you ordered, consider it a success 🙂

Styling Tip #2

When it comes to flowy dresses, don’t size up too much (flowy > baggy). You typically only need to size up one (maybe two sizes), depending on the dress and how far along you are. Some of my Free People dresses are able to be worn pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum just based on how they’re made to fit.

Styling Tip #3

Belts and buttons in non-maternity dresses can be harder to pull off (but not to say it can’t be done).

Styling Tip #4

Give yourself some grace and remember you’re carrying and providing for your little babe. It is such an adjustment period in every aspect!

My favorite retailers to shop?
– H&M
– Nordstroms
– Revolve
– Shopbop
– Target

Under $50 Dresses

non maternity but bump friendly

Body-Con Style Dresses

body-con style maternity dresses
this Amazon Fashion Dress is only $30

Baby Shower Dresses

Hoping this helps you on your journey. xx Sage

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  1. Those dresses are looking chic!


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