Transforming Our Spare Bedroom Into A Cloffice

When we were house hunting, it was a must that we have a spare bedroom I could turn into a cloffice. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is — a closet and office space combined. Working from home and having constant new product arrivals, it’s imperative I have a space dedicated to my work. Kyle has always been supportive of this because it keeps all of my “stuff” out of our common living spaces (lol). Although I had a room like this in our last house, it was important to me that I find solutions for organizing the space and create systems to keep it that way.

So I teamed up with my personal favorite, The Container Store (OG of organization products) and Incredibly Organized, to make my cloffice the dreamy space that it is today. You guys loved when we partnered with TCS for our small pantry organization project, so the cloffice was a no brainer. Lots of photos below for your viewing pleasure and all the info on how we made this happen!

blogger so sage turned her spare bedroom into a cloffice
So Sage Blog cloffice jewelry organization
So Sage Blog transformed spare bedroom into cloffice space

For this space though, I have always lusted over their lucite collection. They literally have every lucite thing you can think of. From the customizable makeup stacking system, to nail polish risers, and even purse dividers…they had everything we needed and more. Is there anything prettier than a well displayed closet and vanity space using lucite organizers? SO dreamy!!

Container Store lucite collection used for organizing bloggers cloffice
lucite jewelry bracelet holder and organizer from the container store in So Sage Blog's cloffice space
Jamie and her team from Incredibly Organized transformed this spare bedroom into a dreamy cloffice

After adding the Container Store products (every product we used is linked below), my friend Jamie and her team of Incredibly Organized came in to work their magic yet again. With the help of TSC organizing products, they were able to maximize the space and make it functional as well. I should also mention — both the products and Jamie’s services are worth every penny in my opinion. The products are going to last forever and the systems Jamie help me put into place has allowed me to easily maintain the work they did. My lack of stress alone since we completed this room has been life changing!

blogger So Sage used lucite organizers from the Container Store to organize her vanity area
So Sage Blog's vanity area organized with makeup brush holders
blogger So Sage vanity makeup display
easy ways to organize your makeup in your vanity space with acrylic organizers

Being able to visually see everything I have in my closet and also have a space that inspires me while I work was a top priority. It is absolutely amazing what having a clean, organized working environment can do for you!! The amount of questions I’ve had come flooding my DM’s about this room is overwhelming, so I thought dedicating a full blog post to everything we did to organize the space would be a helpful reference tool for you guys.

So Sage Blog with Incredibly Organized team in her cloffice space
easy closet organization in bloggers bedroom turned cloffice
Easy way to organize denim in your closet
best professional organizers in Dallas, Incredibly Organized

I hope this post brings you closet inspo and answers some of your questions from Instagram with details on how I transformed this spare bedroom into a functional cloffice! A huge thank you to The Container Store and Incredibly Organized for making this dreamy space a reality.




  1. I need this in my life!

    • Sage Coralli 09.22.19

      Right? I think every girl does! It’s so fun working and getting ready in there 🙂

  2. Maria Pratt


    Hi, i was wondering where are the glasses and belt drawer dividers from?

    • Sage Coralli 09.24.22

      Hi! They are from ikea and made to fit those particular drawers 🙂

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