Adding a Pop of Color

Isn’t this collage just to die for? It almost looks edible to me. Ok, I could eat it. Because it looks like candy and candy is my fave! I made this collage in Polyvore (my latest obsesh) and I can’t get enough of all the vibrant color going on here. 
Adding a pop of color to your look will make you feel oh so chic on those blah outfit days. You know, the kind of day when you have just recently revamped your wardrobe and you still don’t feel like you have anything to wear? Ya, those (we ALL have them). 
The key: Keep most of your look neutral and add your pop of color in random places (accessories are perf for this). Think black romper, white blazer w/ black trim, #12 necklace, #6 flats & #10 watch. OR simply throwing #8 or #14 with a plain white maxi dress. The ideas are endless! Whatever you decide, keep it simple. Don’t try to put #3, #4, #16, and #14 all together at once (so tacky). The purpose of this trend is to take the blah out and bring your inner chic to life. My favorite thing to do is add a few different shades of the same color pop. I also love something as simple as a neon skirt (here) or a bright skinny jean with the rest of the outfit neutral colors (black, white, beige, nude, brown, etc).
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