Funky Tree

funky christmas holiday tree

Every house should have a funky tree. If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know each holiday season I decorate a small funky tree for my house. One that is filled with quirky picks, miscellaneous yet meaningful ornaments, and lots of color. I got this idea originally from my mom as she wanted…


Wide Leg Jeans

zara wide leg jeans

If you saw my IG stories a few weeks ago, I did a mini Zara haul. My favorite purchases from my shopping-spree are my 2 high-waisted, wide-leg jeans. I’ve already worn them a few times since and am hooked. Since wide-leg jeans are making a comeback (about time), I’m sharing some of my favorites with…


Beauty FAQ

hair products

If you have any burning beauty questions, this blog post is for you. I created this Beauty FAQ to be a one-stop-shop for when you’re searching for what products I use or where I go for certain items. Most of my IG Highlights are updated with this information but I thought having it all in…


Free People Sweater Dress

sweater dress

Here in Dallas right now, we’re experiencing that “in-between” weather. It’s not cold but not hot and it’s too warm for a sweater but at times chilly with a short-sleeved shirt. This (under $100) Free People Sweater Dress is perfect for these types of days. It’s warm but breathable and can easily be layered to…


Our Living Room Details

living room details

One of my most requested blogs and top questions on Instagram is about our living room details. Kyle and I brought some furniture and decor from our previous house but ended up selling most of those items and then purchasing new pieces. We both love clean, neutral spaces and Karen hates clutter. Some of the…


The Perfect Maxi Dress

Blossom Maxi Dress

This Free People Blossom Maxi Dress is the perfect maxi dress for your next resort vacation (it’s also currently on sale). If you’re not going anywhere for a while, it still looks just as great lounging around the house 😉 I ordered this perfect maxi dress online and was in love with the fabric when…


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