Funky Tree

funky christmas holiday tree

Every house should have a funky tree. If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know each holiday season I decorate a small funky tree for my house. One that is filled with quirky picks, miscellaneous yet meaningful ornaments, and lots of color.

I got this idea originally from my mom as she wanted a place to display all of her ornaments she’s collected over the years (from our childhood, places she’s traveled, been gifted, etc.). Our main big tree in the house stayed with a neutral color scheme and she didn’t want to miss out on displaying her favorite, memorable pieces; thus creating the funky tree.


christmas holiday ornaments

I’ve been collecting ornaments for years and years now. If you don’t do this already, it’s not too late to start! Kyle and I collect them at each place we travel to. The girls in our family also do an annual ornament exchange (I recommend writing down somewhere who gave you the ornament and when for keepsake) 🙂 It brings back so many good memories each year decorating the tree and seeing them out during the holiday season.

picks, sprays, & garland

holiday Christmas tree picks and sprays

The picks and sprays really help “glow-up” your funky tree and take it to the next level. I recommend starting at the top with the sprays and working your way down. Once you’ve finished the picks, add in your garland. It’s typically easier to have the base finished before you start adding your ornaments to the tree. I purchased all of mine at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I’ve linked mine and similar options below!


tips & tricks

  • start at the top adding picks first
  • garland + ribbon come second
  • then add larger “filler” ornaments deeper in the tree
  • add the dainty ornaments last toward ends of the branches
  • don’t be afraid to use color!
  • it doesn’t need to be perfect, hence being a “funky tree”
  • start collecting ornaments to places you travel to
  • create an ornament give exchange with your friends or family
  • write on the bottom of the ornament or keep a notepad with your ornaments with when you got them and from who
  • have fun!

If you’re looking for more content on my funky tree, head over to my IG highlight for more details 🙂

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