Simon G Jewelry Event at Bailey Banks & Biddle Re-Cap

simon G gold ring at Bailey Banks & Biddle Houston blogger So Sage

A few weeks ago I teamed up with Simon G jewelry to host an event at Bailey Banks & Biddle (Town & Country Village location) here in Houston.  If you follow along on Instagram, you saw that I got to try on a $40K emerald ring…NBD, right?! It was like a dream come true playing dress up in endless amounts of diamonds and beautiful jewelry. I may or may not have been sending Kyle a few pics of the ones I liked 😉

Taking Your Outfit from Beach to Street

beach to street look So Sage Blog

Happy Monday y’all! I had the most incredible weekend meeting my mom’s birth parents and the rest of our family on that side, but I’ll share more on that later in a life update post! Kyle & I are headed to Florida for 7 days this weekend and we can hardly wait. He is finally done with his outage at work, so we are thrilled to  get away and have some quality time together 🙂 With our trip to Florida being around the corner and a 12 day Hawaii trip in July planned, I’ve been thinking a lot about taking outfits from the beach to the street….


The Best Place to Find Unique Fragrances

CLEAN perfume Sephora

As I mentioned in a recent post, my urge to find a few new scents to wear each season is so real. I’m definitely not the type that only wears one fragrance and has a ‘signature scent’…I like to change things up and get bored wearing the same thing over & over again! Just as I see getting dressed to be a reflection of my current mood, same goes for my perfume choice. When I’m getting ready I like to have a handful of options to choose from, that all fit my personality but can also be a further extension of my outfit, the look I’m going for, or the occasion I’m getting ready for.

Gingham Dress

gingham brigitte dress

Nothing screams warm weather like a gingham dress does! As preppy as gingham can be, I love this classic print…especially in black & white and when it comes in a dress silhouette like this one. The smocked portion at the top, the flared sleeves, and the mix of both large and small gingham print checks are everything! 


Matchy Matchy

matchy matchy red set AEO

I’m not always into being matchy matchy, but I do love myself a matching two piece set for warmer days. And I know red isn’t usually my go-to color but I couldn’t resist…I mean, it has my feeling like a real life red salsa girl emoji!


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