Spring Break Essentials

Hey Y’all! It feels so good to be back writing on here, but it feels even more good that Spring Break is just around the corner!! Believe it or not, I’m 3 years graduated from college and I still count down the days. I can remember in college counting down literally the minutes until I’d be on my flight to some tropical destination. Unfortunately this year my vacay is nowhere near tropical, but I will be spending it with family/friends back at home in Texas and I’m always excited about that. Praying for good, warm weather so I can hit the hott pool parties while I’m in Dallas.

One of my favorite things about any sort of vacation is planning my outfits and packing (way too far) at least a week in advance. This is why I have put together a list of things that are must-haves and my beach destination essentials!

  • Fedora Hat  & Face Sunscreen are must-have/essential. Obviously the fedora is the chicest final touch to your beach outfit, but more importantly it will help block your face from the sun. This face sunscreen is my absolute fave. Now that I’m getting older (almost 25, yikes) I’m realizing how silly I was to be so careless with my skin on past vacations. As my mom always told me, “put your sunscreen on and wear a hat or you’re going to have leathery skin when you get older!” …she’s 52 and still a smoking hott babe. She’s always taken great care of her skin so I’ll take her word for it and you should too 🙂
  • On the rest of your body, feel free to use this incredible Beach Tanning Oil  by the one and only Bobbi Brown. Smells dreamy and gives you some extra shine to soak up those rays!
  • Why the Leopard Tory Burch Phone Case? Well because leopard print is so chic for one. But the real reason fo this being included in the essentials list is because I am famoooous for dropping my phone and I know I cant be the only one. No body wants to be walking around with a tacky cracked screen, right? (side note: water proof case would be a million times better but they’re too bulky = ew)
  • These Taylor Headphones because first of all I’m obsessed with the white/rose gold combo. And secondly, let’s admit it…. you can only read so many magazinea while laying out in the sun until you get bored and want to take a nap. The perfect humdinger.
  • I’m loving the ‘1, 2, or 5 rings on all 10 fingers’ at the moment as well as the stacked bracelets. I think they’re a perfect dainty accessory, but not overboard for when heading to the beach (you deff don’t want to be that girl if you know what I mean).
  • I always have to be wearing a watch. If I dont, I feel naked. This Nixon Watch is my latest addition to my collection c/o my sweet boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. He did gooood.
  • Tory Burch Perfume because only if you aren’t human will you not shed a drop of sweat during your time at the beach. Freshen up, roll it on your wrists and neck. No dudes like stinky girls!
  • This YSL Lipstick  is my favorite at the moment per Sincerely Jules recommendantion. I don’t even know why they call it ‘lipstick’ because it’s more like a shiney chapstick, not quite a gloss, and not dry enough for a lipstick. It’s just heaven on your lips and gives you the perf amount of color for the beach. Understated. Less is more.
  • Loving these fun heart glasses and quite honestly obsessed with all of the RAEN Optics Sunglasses this year. Either one..you can’t lose. Add this uber cute Rebecca Minkoff Sunglass Case just because the hott pop of color (and to prevent sand scratches!)
  • White polish, especially this starc white polish by Essie called ‘Blanc’ is definitely on trend and great for making that skin look extra dark at the beach!
  • Sandals of course, I usually live in my Tory Burch flip flops while on vacation. They’re easy, comfortable, and so affordable. The print she released this spring are so lovely. Get.on.it.
  • This Crossbody Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag has just enough room to stash your essentials for the day. And how amaze is this hot peach color?? In love.
  • And last but most definitely not least, your bikini..duh! My favorite bikini’s this year are by far Zinke Swimwear. I was so happy to get my hands on this turquoise ruffled top and the precious side ties on the bottoms from a lovely boutique called Savvy here in Norman.
[Others pictured but not mentioned above]

Must HavesHigh-Waisted Denim Shorts | Heart Ring / Circle Ring / Heart Sunnies

The EssentialsEOS Lip Balm / Zinke Swimsuit [Top & Bottom]

As if you weren’t revved up and excited enough for spring break, I have even more exciting info to share. Ready??

I’m hosting my first solo event as a blogger!! I am so honored and privelaged to be partnering up with Zinke Swimwear and a local favorite boutique of mine in Norman called Savvy. I am beyond excited for this event and can’t wait to share it with all of you. I will be posting all of social media (duh) at the actual event, posting on here the looks I styled, and of course telling you about all the fun we had. We’re going to have music, girl time, and talk spring break boys & bikini’s of course. My personal favorite bikini by Zinke will be available along with many other styles to purchase! If you’re local and can make it, please stop by! I would love to meet you, chit-chat, offer some free styling advice and talk about all the cool places y’all are going for spring break. Here are the event details…

If you can’t make it, are you going anywhere super fun for spring break?? Leave a comment, I would love to hear and vicariously live through your travels 🙂




  1. Style Servings 03.05.14

    Great finds, completely in love with the pink bag!

    • Sage Coralli 03.07.14

      Me too girl! Rebecca Minkoff has the best bags right now!


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