5 Ways to Elevate Your Photos

this blog post today is a little different than what I normally talk about but am really passionate about it. today I’m giving you 5 ways to up-level your next photoshoot. I love working to get creative and unique shots using a few different (easy) techniques. I typically incorporate at least 2 of these 5 things every time I shoot – it makes for more interesting shots!


Adding movement to photos will be a game-changer if you don’t do this already. About 90% of my photos start with some type of action. This makes your picture way more interesting and also brings it to life. Some of my go-to movements are:

  • walking
  • flinging dress/skirt/clothing
  • jumping
  • hair flinging
  • rocking back and forth or up to my toes


Another great way to make your pictures more interesting is by shooting from a low angle (which may require you laying or sitting on the ground to have a more dramatic angle). Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when shooting from a low angle:

  • you typically want to do full-length shots as shooting low angle close up on the face isn’t the most flattering
  • wide-angle lens work great for low angle shots (although they are not always needed)
  • you want to make sure your main subject is close enough to the camera; meaning you don’t want the ground to fill up too much of the shot (it’s typically most interesting when the subject fills most of the space, rather than concrete/ground (unless this is done intentionally))


One of my favorite things is using a wide-angle lens when shooting. It creates a more dramatic effect which I love. You can do this on your iPhone now if you don’t have a camera with an interchangeable lens. A few tips when shooting with a wide-angle lens:

  • if you’re wanting to look tall/leaner, use your wide-angle lens while shooting from a lower angle
  • use this lens when you’re wanting to capture more of your background. I chose the two places above specifically for their location so I wanted to make sure they were included in the shot
  • I typically only use this for full-length shots sine it can skew your face quite a bit
  • this is also a great lens if you’re into landscape photography


If you’re looking to spice up your photos, props are a great way to do just this. Adding props can be super simple but make a big impact on your pictures. Don’t be afraid to play with your props, throwing them, moving them, etc. I made a list below of a few of my favorites but you really can use just about anything:

  • newspaper
  • flowers
  • balloons
  • coffee/drinking cup
  • food
  • camera
  • item of clothing (jacket, scarf, etc.)
  • purse
  • hat
  • sports equipment


Lastly, leading lines. Leading lines are lines in your picture that are positioned to lead you to your subject. In each of the pictures above we used lines to lead directly to the subject. This technique doesn’t need to be used in all of your shots but it definitely creates interesting images. A few tips:

  • make sure your subject is in focus while also using a shallow depth of field
  • don’t be afraid to get creative and try different shots to get the right one
  • you can also use a fence or backdrop to lead to your subject as well

so now you have it, my top 5 ways to up-level your next photoshoot. i hope this helps you branch out of your comfort zone and to get creative and interesting shots!

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  1. Stylish Maria 04.23.21

    Great tips on how to up-level the photos.
    Thankd for shating, Sage!


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