Rompers for Different Body Types

You either love or hate rompers, but if you’re one that hates them have you ever asked yourself why? I’m here to tell you there is a romper for every body type…it’s just about finding the right one for you. I mean as women, we’re hard on ourselves (duh) and have this horrible habit of comparing….but we have to remember that what might work for someone with a different body, does not mean it can’t work for you too! If you have read my ‘Meet Sage‘ page, you know this is a challenge I love most about my blogging career. Taking an idea, trend, look, or garment and finding a way to make it my own regardless of my insecurities.

Since finding rompers for various body types is a common struggle among women, I have teamed up with some of my closest Dallas blogger girlfriends to bring you Rompers for Different Body Types — Dallas blogger edition!  Since we can totally relate — each girl has her own reasons for romper of choice, accompanied by both insecurities & also things they love about their individual body types….

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rompers for different body typesvneck black topshop romperhappiesthour-146

I always look for rompers with a strappy top or plunging neckline, because I have more of a pear shaped body and prefer to draw attention to the smaller part of my body (upper) rather than my legs. I love that this romper can be dressed up with wedges or dressed down with sneakers (my fave) for a more sporty look. Also, having the belted option for days I feel like accentuating my non existent hips = bonus.

My Full Look:

Similar Rompers:


ASTR romper on the miller affect

” I am 5’11 so it is hard to find rompers that are long enough for me. I like rompers that have a little ruffle or lace at the bottom. They both give the appearance of the romper being longer than it actually is! ” — Amanda Miller, The Miller Affect

Amanda’s Look + More Options:

Christina Beauchamp – FASHION & FRILLS

off the shoulder romper on Fashion and Frills

“I chose this romper because the off the shoulder neckline is universally flattering (and been my favorite neckline for years). Also, the culotte-cut shorts were breezy and not tight on my legs which are my least favorite body part to highlight.” — Christina Beauchamp, Fashion and Frills

Christina’s Look + More Options:

Brooke Burnette – ONE SMALL BLONDE

colorful floral romper

“I like rompers all around because they work with my short torso. Also, the halter draws attention upwards, which gives me a taller appearance.” — Brooke Burnett, One Small Blonde

Brooke’s Look + More Options:

Lynlee Poston – GAL ABOUT TOWN

blue romper on blogger Gal About Town

“I have an athletic build and broad shoulders so I always look for rompers that have some type of sleeve and cover my arms, which gives a more feminine look. I also have a long torso so rompers with a cinched or drop waist usually work best with the extra fabric and length.” — Lynlee Poston, Gal About Town

Lynlee’s Look + More Options:


Natalie Keinan – THE FASHION HOUR

BB Dakota Romper on The Fashion Hour

“When shopping for rompers it’s important to me that I find ones that are not tight on my thighs or backside since I have curves! I picked this one because it has an elastic waist and the shorts are on the longer side. I also liked that it had short sleeves and buttoned down the front so you can show as little or as much as you want. ” — Natalie Keinan, The Fashion Hour

If you aren’t already romper obsessed, I hope this post encourages you to take a risk and try one that works for your body type. Thank you for reading and as always, feel free to email me with any questions/comments!



  1. Tomi obebe 07.01.16

    Love these picks but even more obsessed with the shoe choices!

    xx, TOMI

  2. Joti B


    Love it, so helpful! #PBTxSoSage

  3. Gabrielle


    It’s nice to see a fashion article that’s inclusive. Thanks for this. #PBTxSoSage

  4. Kathy Clark


    #PBTxSoSage I like ones with more Capri or pants lengths because I hate it when shorts ride up!

  5. Natalie


    #PBTxSoSage I have always wondered if I could wear a romper. Now I know how to style it!

  6. Katy


    Thanks so much for the helpful tips! I found my dream romper last summer- it has adjustable straps which allows it not to be too tight in the bust area. I also like a drawstring waist- just to make sure it clinches in the right place of my post-baby body. #PBTxSoSage

  7. Anon


    where are the different body tops?


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