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Happy Wednesday, y’all! Although my content mainly focuses on fashion and personal style, I’ve slowly begun to share more of my skincare experiences after receiving an overwhelming amount of interest from you guys. Being transparent about such a big insecurity has really made me value every one of you as readers and feel connected with y’all on a more personal level. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

Since I have shared my constant struggle with adult acne and the side effects that go along with it (scarring, redness, uneven skin tone, etc), I’m always looking for new product/treatment discoveries that I can test on myself and share results with you. After hearing so many amazing things about the SK-II products from celebrities and top influencers, I’m finally giving it a try myself! Over the past couple months I embarked on the #OneBottleAwayFrom journey to transform my skin with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in preparation for the upcoming NYFW. During “Fashion Month” the last thing I want to be worrying about is my skin and with all of the photos taken during this time, I wanted to make sure it was looking better than ever!

SKII Facial Treatment Essence review by blogger So Sage

What is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the luxury skin care brand’s signature product, is one of the most coveted around the world. Often referred to as “miracle water,” this most awarded bestseller was one of the first essences ever created. It is more than 90% pure Pitera™ – an ingredient exclusive to SK-II products. See additional Pitera™ info HERE!

What is the application process? (days/applications)

After washing your face, saturate a cotton ball/pad with the essence and pat it onto your clean face & neck. Personal tip: heavy emphasis on the “pat”…. you will get more product absorbed into your skin by patting rather than rubbing! If you decide to wear moisturizer in addition to the Facial Treatment Essence, I recommend letting your face completely dry for a few minutes so it can totally absorb the product before applying your moisturizer!

How I used the product:

How quickly you use the bottle completely depends on the amount you use each time you’re applying and whether you use the product once or twice a day. Personally, I used the product 1x/day and the bottle lasted me 2+ months.

What results have you seen for your skin?

The goal for me always is to feel more confident in my own natural, bare skin. I’m also obsessed with the radiant look (aren’t we all)….but my skin is already oily so it’s usually a struggle finding the right balance of products that won’t dry it out too much and also not create excess oil production. I’m seriously obsessed with the moisture this product gives my skin! It’s luminous and leaves your face feeling perfectly balanced in terms of moisture.

I have noticed a dramatic change in the overall texture of my skin! It appears smoother and feels so incredibly soft…which I think makes all the difference when going bare faced or even when applying your makeup!

The elasticity of my skin started to feel noticeably tighter after I was just a quarter of the way through my bottle. Even my mom & sister asked about what I’ve been using lately on my skin because they said my forehead looked tighter and my fine wrinkles are way less visible!

Lastly, I noticed a tremendous decrease in the spots/discoloration on my face. It definitely didn’t take away my acne scars (I wish), but I used to spend so much time in the sun without sunscreen and have unwanted spots on my face as a result. This has tremendously helped fade those spots away!

Although I’m an avid believer in laser treatments and taking other measures to reverse skin concerns, it is still just as important to have a solid skincare routine at home because it’s much easier (and less expensive) to prevent rather than reverse damages! Overall I am loving how this product has changed my skin’s destiny and look forward to glowing skin during NYFW ☺ Have you guys ever used SK-II Facial Treatment Essence or any other SK-II skincare products? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with it!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with SK-II. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SK-II. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Emilia Stark 08.25.17

    I work Whole day in the fashion Industry and try always vivid products to enjoy stylish lifestyle as it is necessary. I look after this product and try it to give a new look to my face and charm.

  2. Sharon 08.29.17

    I keep Hearing great things about this product. I have similar issues with scarring that you have so maybe I will give it a try, thanks for sharing.

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  5. Kaira 10.14.20

    Hey, Such a great share. thank you for sharing these best tips. I totally agree with your giving thoughts and advice and I will follow them. great share. Keep it up. hope to hear more interesting topics from you.


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