Items Under $50 I’m Loving

items under $50

Everyone loves a good bargain, which is why I’m sharing my top ten items under $50 that I’m loving. You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to your everyday style. I picked a variety of items under $50 to hopefully fit a need for everyone. You can shop the image below by hovering over the items. Styling tips for each are below as well 🙂

$50 & Under Items

  1. Sleep Set from Nasty Gal
    • I personally own this set and love it. I recommend sizing up if you want a looser fit!
    • How to Style: At home on your couch, watching Emily in Paris, drinking a glass of wine, with a bowl of popcorn.
  2. Free People Skyline Midi Skirt
    • Comes in 16 different colors. Has great reviews and versatile for fall, winter, and spring!
    • How to Style: You could really take this so many ways. I’d pair a plain t-shirt that is slightly tucked with some sneakers. Maybe throw a big flannel over if the weather was cooler.
  3. Zella West Coast Dress
    • Great dress for on-the-go! Easy to throw on when in you’re in a rush but still want to look cute.
    • How to Style: Throw on any pair of comfy sneakers and pair with a hoody during the cooler months.
  4. Butaby Rectangle Sunglasses
    • At $10.95 a pair, you really can’t go wrong here! I know this style may not be your everyday look but they can spice up your normal t-shirt and jeans.
    • How to Style: Really with anything. Matching sweatsuit, t-shirt and jeans, even a midi dress.
  5. Topshop Space Dye Sweater
    • I love the colors of this sweater. They help break up some of the neutrals I have in my closet and will carry over into spring as well!
    • How to Style: Pair with a great pair of jeans (I have a great pair linked below) and some tennis shoes.
  6. Target Puff Sleeve Babydoll Dress
    • If you saw my stories yesterday you know I’m lovinggg this dress. It is so comfortable and can be worn year-round with so many different combinations. There were only a few sizes left at my local Target, so if you’re thinking about buying I’d do it now 🙂
    • How to Style: Sneakers, snake-skin booties, black chunky heels, the list goes on!
  7. Sofia Ripped Straight Leg Jeans
    • I wasn’t too sure about the jeans initially but after trying them on they are definitely a keeper. They have just enough give so I don’t feel sucked in but at the same time provide the perfect amount of structure. They do offer petite sizing but I’m not sure of all they still have in stock!
    • How to Style: You can wear these a million different, last time I wore them I had a bright thin tight sweater tucked in all the way around with a black belt bag.
  8. Chain Belt Bag
    • I’m so glad fanny packs or “belt bags” made a comeback because they’re PERFECT. There are so many out there right now but if you don’t feel like splurging these are a perfect option. I like the metal chain instead of having a bulky waistband all the way around.
    • How to Style: You could wear this across your chest/shoulders or around your waist. Perfect with a dress, jeans, skirt, you name it!
  9. All Saints Platform Sneaker
    • I was shocked to see these adorable All Saints platform sneakers on sale for under $50. If you’ve followed me for any time, you know I’m a huge fan of sneakers (because comfort).
    • How to Style: Would be so cute with a dress (even the Targe dress mentioned above) or the Free People Midi Skirt.
  10. Print Bias Cut Skirt
    • Last but not least, this tie-dye skirt. This is a great piece to have year-round. The fabric is the perfect amount of thickness; I also love the soft material.
    • How to Style: As you can see above, I’ve paired it with a (men’s) sweatshirt and tennis shoes. This could easily be dressed up with a sweater or collared shirt, slightly tucked.

Well that covers the 10 items I’m currently loving under $50. Hopefully you’re able to find a thing (or two) that you love. If you have any questions please drop it in the comment box below 🙂

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