The Festival Accessory You Need

Spring means a few things, but most importantly — festival season. And with all the increased security (inevitably so) at festivals, concerts, and other large crowded events…we are forced to find an alternative for carrying all of our stuff. They no longer accept a big tote bag with a change of clothes in it and spare shoes. But honestly, who wants to lug that around all day?

Less is more here in my opinion, which is why I’m sharing the perfect festival accessory I recently found by Adidas at Finish Line. A clear bag makes getting through security much less of a pain. And the belt bag size helps you cut down what you’re carrying around by at least 75%. You really only need your credit card, ID, phone, and maybe lipstick anyways.

The festival accessory you need in 2019
A clear belt bag makes for the perfect festival accessory
Dallas blogger So Sage Blog in front of pink Volkswagen van
black Adidas belt bag festival accessory on blogger So Sage
cute Adidas fanny pack belt bag in black

This clear Adidas bag from Finish Line will be my new go-to for festivals, concerts, and sporting events. I love that it’s super affordable at only $35, you can wear it multiple ways (over the shoulder, around the waist, across your body), and the fact that you can see right through it.

If you aren’t into the see-through bag and don’t want to show all of your personal goods to the world, Finish Line has the same style/size in a variety of colors. I opted for the black one since it will go with pretty much anything, but I also love the light pink and camouflage ones.

*this post has been brought to you in collaboration with Finish Line. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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