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A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Watercolor, Florida (Seaside area in 30A) with some of my favorite bloggers! This was my first time and it was so incredibly special thanks to the amazing Sanders Beach Rentals. Many of you asked about the beautiful house we stayed in while there, so I wanted to give a recap of our stay and share some details as promised.

I will start by saying I cannot WAIT to go back and take my whole family next time. It’s the perfect place for a family trip or girls trip! I know 30A has become a hot destination in recent years, and I can definitely see why after experiencing the city’s charm. It’s such a cute little town, with kids & parents riding their beach cruisers around, the water is beautiful & warm, the sand is white, and all of the beach clubs there are private so you can only enter if you have a wrist band. It just feels like a very safe area and it’s obvious that everyone who visits feels that way too.


House in 30A Watercolor, FL
Rosemary Beach, FL home rental near beach
30A Beach House Rental
30A Beach House Rental near Seaside

209 Western Lake Drive Rosemary Beach, FL 32459

We had a full itinerary of fun things to do and the most gorgeous house to stay in thanks to Sanders Beach Rentals! Most of the girls on the trip were blogger friends from Dallas that I’ve known since I first started blogging and it was so fun to catch up with all of them. This house was so roomy and comfortably slept such a large group! I loved that it came with bikes for everyone to ride, but it was also great that we were within walking distance of the beach club, restaurants/bars, and Seaside square. Super convenient!

If you go to sandersbeachrentals.com you can filter by location to find exactly what you’re wanting in a rental home. The most popular places to stay in 30A are Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Watercolor, and Aly’s Beach. I’ve heard amazing things about Aly’s Beach and can’t wait to stay their next!

Local Restaurants & Bars:

One night we had Hibachi Joe come to the house to make dinner for us since we had such a large group and I can’t recommend him enough! It was like bringing Benihana’s to your home 🙂 He even brought the hibachi stove and everything. His personality made it that much more entertaining too!

If you are looking to go out, there are so many great options for eating/drinking in the area. I was obviously sober (because I’m pregnant), but I still went out with all the girls every night and there are some really fun places to hit while you’re there. See all suggestions from you guys below…

+ Bud and Alley’s (we went out here the first night and it was a really fun outdoor atmosphere)

+ George’s

+ Cafe 30A (I had a very delicious Caprese salad here)

+ Red Bar (super fun decor inside and they played great throwback music at night)

+ The Hub

+ La Crema

+ Market Eatery (great for breakfast sandwiches and their coffee bar is so yum!)

+ Fish Out of Water

+ AJ’s (this bar always had like a 40 min wait to get in. Very popular spot for all the young ppl. Great band, but I felt a little old at this one though — think frat boys still in college)

Things to Keep In Mind:

When choosing your place to stay, make sure you find one that is within walking distance of everything. I can’t tell you how convenient this was to walk to the market, seaside square, bars/restaurants, and the beach!

Also, I flew into Panama City Airport and the drive to 30A was about 40 minutes from the airport. Uber’s are almost impossible to get from the airport, so I would either schedule one ahead of time or just rent a car! I had to share an Uber with a random person that was going to the same area as me because I waited an hour and still couldn’t get one. For my return flight, I scheduled an Uber and it never showed up, so I missed my flight! If you don’t rent a car, I recommend finding a local car service that’s more dependable.


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