Versatile Sweatshirt Dress under $60

If you haven’t branched out to sweater/sweatshirt dresses, consider this your sign to take the leap. I picked this sweatshirt dress up at Nordstrom a few weeks ago while doing some last-minute Christmas shopping and I’m glad I did. I shouldn’t be surprised how comfortable it is (after all it is just an oversized sweatshirt turned dress) but its versatility is unmatched.

I understand you want to be comfortable when you’re lounging or working at home but you also don’t necessarily want to put on another pair of sweatpants. Enter the sweatshirt dress. Cute, comfortable, and stylish if you need to pop out for a few quick errands. It’s also a great travel outfit.

comfortable sweatshirt dress

There are a few different ways you can pair a sweatshirt dress (I know some may run short for some of us tall ladies). One option is pairing with a set of biker shorts, which are everywhere right now. Or another option is pairing jeans underneath like the model did below. This also adds another layer of warmth and can dress it up a little too.

As for shoes, just about anything goes. I wore my Steve Madden Explorer Chelsea Boot, which can be found at Nordstrom or Steve Madden. But I’ll definitely pair this with other combat boots in the future, tennis shoes, or even slides. I mean it when you can’t go wrong styling with a sweatshirt dress.

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