Smoochie Smoochie!

 photo a1d98c6e-c46c-4a9a-8606-8fb7f81c9a14_zps5f30fd1d.jpg photo e1d29e90-308f-4906-b99d-fb5c61bc8eb4_zps646bb52c.jpg photo 6cca0093-b5eb-40ae-a269-e963ab2495a7_zpse97e5afd.jpg photo 0793acb8-f3f0-47c0-abce-c4cab0345521_zpsa1f8cc11.jpg photo 665c1e31-484a-4a8e-91b6-f49270dc9852_zps3577cbff.jpg photo fda551b8-02fb-4808-9c2d-0f1b6b9701f4_zpsccf24790.jpg photo fd88fa38-04af-4786-b4c2-827fd5f651de_zps98e3c55d.jpg photo 9b59872e-c9b6-47cf-9375-46861b839504_zps1e1b1614.jpg photo c2f37819-0a38-4201-9d20-1e680ee3bddc_zpsc8a4e645.jpg

Dress: Forever21 | 
Clutch: Clare Vivier | 
Boots: ASOS | 
Sunglasses: ASOS | 
Bracelets: Forever21 |

I thought this outfit post was so perfect for a case of the Monday’s. It just makes you happy looking at it!! I can’t decide what’s more fun here..the massive lips on my dress or the animal print clutch. Just seeing the dress from a mile away on the hanger made me smile and instantly I knew it was a must have. It’s the perfect throw-it-on-and-walk-out-the-door dress. Not too snug and not too long. Speaking of…loving the length on this because it doesn’t go all the way to ground, which makes for a little more breeze in this ridic heat. The price? Soooo affordable. I mean who can pass up a $20 dress with red lips as big as the state of TX it? More often than not, I have a hard time passing up a trendy piece at Forever21…always get sucked in. I am wearing a small in these photos. Order away while supplies last and have a happy Monday! 


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