Fun and Easy Galentine’s Day Ideas

galentines day ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for you and your significant other. It can also be a great time to celebrate with your girlfriends. Below you’ll find 6 fun and easy Galentine’s Day ideas to do with your ladies (they can also be done any time of the year since they’re not Valentine’s Day specific).

DIY Flower Arrangements

What you’ll need: flowers, vases, and scissors
What I love about this is that everyone will walk away with something that can serve a purpose. I recommend picking up a handful of flowers from Trader Joe’s, Market Street, or Central Market (if they’re in your area) since they always have such a plentiful selection of flowers. You could ask all the ladies to bring their own vase and set of scissors. Everyone could make their own arrangement or you could have everyone make an arrangement for someone else in the group. Then everyone goes home with something that will actually be used!

Wine Tasting

What you’ll need: Wine and notecards
This is something really cheap and easy do to with friends. Assign different kinds of wine to each of your friends and give them a number (ex: give Ashley Pinot Noir #1, give Katie Cabernet Sauvignon #2, etc.). Tell each girl to cover their wine with a brown bag and write the number on the outside so it is a secret to the rest of the group. Once everyone arrives, open the bottles of wine and have each girl guess what type of wine each number is on their notecard. Winner gets to drink the rest of the wine 😉

Spa Night

What you’ll need: under-eye masks, face masks, wine, popcorn…
This one is pretty self-explanatory but in case you’re new to the game, invite your friends over to pamper themselves with a variety of masks. Turn on your favorite movie, sit back and relax.

Game Night

What you’ll need: games and snacks
Ask everyone to bring their favorite game and snack. This is another super easy and fun idea to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

At-home Waffle Bar

What you’ll need: Waffle maker, waffle ingredients, syrup, toppings of choice, beverages
I have this Presto Waffle Maker and it’s the absolute best. An easy way to make an at-home waffle bar is to make stations along the counter or island in the order. Start with the batter and some side items to add (chocolate chips, nuts, etc.). Then after the waffle maker put out some toppings (strawberries, bananas, whip cream, etc.) and lastly the syrup. Everyone can make their own and clean-up is quick and easy!

Make vision board

What you’ll need: firm cardboard, assorted magazines, scissors, and glue/tape
Lastly, vision boards! If you’re looking for a more “productive” gathering, then this is your thing. Get a piece of stiffer cardboard for all the girls and ask everyone to bring a few magazines, a pair of scissors (it will be easier than sharing), and either glue or tape. Spend time cutting things out for your 2021 vision and placing them on the piece of cardboard. When you’re finished hang it in a place that you’ll see to remind you and keep you on track for your 2021 vision.

Well ladies, there is your guide to a fun and easy Galentine’s Day. If you have any other ideas or liked something I mentioned, let me know below <3

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