Sister Babymoon at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

I’m sure you’ve heard of a Baby Moon, it’s the trend right? One last trip with your spouse or significant other before baby arrives. But when you and your sister are pregnant at the same time, you plan a SISTER BABYMOON (duh)!

sister babymoon trip at pueblo bonito pacifica

Last month my older sister and I planned a Sister Babymoon to Cabo. We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica and could not recommend it enough!! We both left there saying it would always be a special place to us and we can’t wait to take our families there for vacation.

My sister (Alexa) was 32 weeks pregnant and I was 26 weeks pregnant. We have never done a trip just the two of us, so we thought why not go on one last vacay before the babies arrive and things get crazy again. We love our husbands, but this was the most special and relaxing time together!! I will truly cherish our conversations and the memories we made forever. If you have a sister (even if you’re not both pregnant at the same time) I highly recommend doing a trip like this together!

sister babymoon at pueblo bonito pacifica resort


We had been to Pueblo Bonito before and stayed at the Sunset property for a wedding 5 years ago, but we had never been to the Pacifica property. This was the most magical place! First, you should know that it’s an all-inclusive resort. They have 4 or 5 restaurants to choose from and the food is delicious. And I think we ordered room service 2 or 3 times — even that was good!


When you are booking you have the option of staying in the towers with butler service. This is where we stayed and can’t recommend it enough. For what it costs, it’s completely worth it in our opinion. If you need help making reservations for dinner, he will make them and greet you beforehand for transportation. If you need absolutely anything, the butler makes it happen! Our butlers name was Feliciano and we were so obsessed with him. He was the sweetest man and took such great care of us during our stay!! If you decide to get the butler service, you can request Feliciano by calling the hotel before or when you arrive. We even grabbed a photo with him before we left because we loved him so much!

the best pizza at the Peninsula


Staying in the towers also grants you access to the VIP lounge. This lounge is stunning and so nice to have a place where very few people are. You can have a private check-in in this area while you enjoy drinks and a snack. They also serve a small breakfast and lunch menu if you prefer to eat up there. I had the most amazing pizza for lunch here! If our husbands were with us we know they would be camping out in there by the big screen TV where they showed all the sports coverage leading up to the superbowl game.

Our two favorite restaurants we went to during our stay were Quivira and La Frida. At Quivira we had a starter salad with fruit and goat cheese in it that was phenomenal and I’m still dreaming about it! Then on our last night there we had a 5 course meal at La Frida and it was incredible. They start the meal off by having a sommelier come by with the drink cart and share what they recommend for pairing with your meal. The presentation of each course was beautiful and the cuisine was similar to a high end Mexican.

blogger So Sage review of her stay at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Cabo


One of our favorite days was when we had our sister prenatal massages. This was heaven!!! They had the beds with a hole in them for pregnant bellies and were so accommodating. This was one of the best massages I’ve ever had and I know I’m not the only one that thinks this because a few of you messaged me on Instagram saying the same thing! After the first half of the massage was over I flipped onto my back and she lightly rubbed my stomach. I have never felt the baby kick so much as I did right then! She was going crazy haha. My massouse’s energy was amazing too, so maybe that’s what got her kicking. 10/10 would recommend getting a spa treatment during your visit!

the prettiest sunset at pueblo bonito pacifica resort!


What we loved about it most was it being an adult only hotel. Most people staying there were couples or on vacation with a group of couples. It was nice to lay by the pool and not have kids jumping in splashing everywhere. I love children, but we were looking for some relaxing adult time (especially my sister who needed a break from her kiddos).

All in all we would totally recommend Pueblo Bonito Pacifica for your next vacation to Cabo. I can’t stress enough how amazing the service was, excellent the food was, and how much we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this property. A few of you reached out on Instagram and said you got married here or had your honeymoon at this location and I can totally see why!!

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