NYFW Nicole Miller Show

ALL PHOTOS: Kaela Rodhorst Photography 

DRESS: Nicole Miller | VEST: VINCE C/O St. Bernard Sports | PUMPS: VINCE | PURSE: Kate Spade NY | EARRINGS: C/O Kendra Scott |

This day was so exciting, but scary at the same time because I had no idea what to expect. I was attending the show by myself and this was my first NYFW show ever…had no idea where to go, what to do, or how to be prepared. So naturally, I over prepared.

First I had a pre-show drink with my sister & mom at the Empire Hotel across the street from Lincoln Center. This hotel is something straight out of Gossip Girl, y’all! If you ever go to NY..I definitely recommend going there. After finishing my pre-show cocktail I quickly shot my look with this amazingly cute photographer, Kaela from Lousiniana (us southern girls, we stick together!).

Dun dun duuuuun. Then it was time for the show! I quickly grabbed my ipad and was on my way. As I was standing in line with my “stand up” ticket, I realized there was an “assigned seating line” where all the big bloggers and celebrities were passing ever so quickly to get into the theatre. Suddenly, the man next to me says..I don’t need to wait in this line, I used to work for so & so…want to come with me? And I said, “are you sure!?!” (so rhetorical…obvi). And to make a long story short, I passed up the long “standing line” and ended up sitting on the front row at the show.

My life lesson for this year’s fashion week and any advice for the future…be nice/talk to strangers (yes, I said it). I know the fashion industry is extremely competitive and a lot of times every woman is out for herself for a list of reasons, but not everyone is like this believe it or not. I’m not & refuse to be. If I can help get someone to where they want to be, I’m happy to. Because I believe in good Karma and what you give is what you’ll get!

P.S. Thank you so much to St.Bernard Sports for this amazing VINCE vest. I can’t wait to rock this baby all Fall season!



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  1. Kaela 09.17.14

    Love this!!! We do stick together, ya’ll! 😉


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