Our Wedding / Vendor Recap Part 1

Planning a wedding is no joke — but finding the right vendors is the biggest task at hand. Luckily I had expert help from my wedding planner Rachel Burt Garcia. However, I know some people decide to book vendors on their own. So this is our vendor recap part 1 of 2, spilling all the details on the vendors we used and our experience with each of them!

so sage blog black tux groomsmen wedding vendors-2
so sage blog black tux groomsmen wedding vendors-2
so sage blog black tux groomsmen wedding vendors-2

The Black Tux – Kyle has used the Black Tux for many other occasions, so this was a no-brainer when he was deciding what his groomsmen should wear. The ease of Black Tux is great for men because most of them don’t want to go out looking for a tux to wear. The fact that you can create a complete outfit for your group and manage the backend to see who has ordered is very convenient. The groomsmen wore the Davis and I have to say, what a handsome group of fellas!!

our black tie wedding at the four seasons walking down the aisle

Bri Costello Photography – I could write a novel about our photographer, Bri, and say every positive thing you can think of. She is hands down the absolute best. Her energy is positive and amazing (I have never seen her in a bad mood or get frustrated). She has this ability to make you feel so comfortable in front of the camera and with your partner. Her imagery is stunning!! She truly celebrates love, is a bit quirky, and so great in situations where you might feel awkward. She is the SWEETEST human. She over delivers her images. And really has a passion for capturing those little “moments”. Did I mention we love her?! I am so grateful that she was able to capture our day and I swear to you that you couldn’t possibly regret booking her for your wedding too.

Splendor Films Videography – Jeff Coombes & his team did our videography and we couldn’t be happier with it. He vibed really well with our photographer and just had an ease about him that allowed us to act natural in the moments he was capturing. I am so excited to show you guys the full video, but here is a sneak peek our highlight video for now in case you missed it!

Karbach Beer– To start things off, we made sure our guests were welcome with the best beer in Texas! So, we partnered with Karbach Beer Brewing Co. which is housed in our very own Houston, Texas. We placed these in our guests rooms with a welcome box of goodies and they loved it! This might be cliche, but with everything being so fancy all weekend…this was a fun way to scream “Texas wedding”.

the best live band for a wedding reception in dallas
Georgia Bridgwater Band at Dallas luxury wedding
dallas based wedding band Georgia Bridgwater

Georgia Bridgewater Band– There’s a reason your band is one of the first vendors you should book. They without a doubt make the party and this goes without saying for Dallas’ best, Georgia Bridgewater Band. Not only is Georgia (the lead singer) one hot babe, she has a killer voice and insane energy. I was a little nervous doing lounge style seating because I wasn’t sure if all our guests would want to dance. Much to my surprise, we could’ve used a bigger dance floor! The band did the best job playing a mix of current music and oldies that appealed to all ages. They also moved around the room, interacted with the audience, and got everyone out of their seats. I love how they really made our guests feel apart of our celebration! You will see them in action in our wedding highlight video πŸ™‚

indoor fireworks for first wedding dance
dramatic firework exit for the bride and groom
the best indoor firework wedding vendor in Dallas

Indoor Fireworks – I had no idea you could do indoor fireworks. Did you? Who knew someone invented these “cool spark” firework fountains that you can actually walk through and they won’t harm you? When I heard about this and saw a photo of it on Instagram, I knew we had to have these go off after our first dance! This was the perfect drama for starting and ending our night. A huge thank you to Harmland Visions for (literally) lighting up our wedding reception and exit!

the best wedding exit car rental in Dallas

Blue Diamond Limo– After our private dance in the ballroom, Kyle and I had our exit and there waiting for us was a 1963 Rolls Royce from Blue Diamond Limo. This was one of the most special moments because after a long night and all the planning/emotions that led up to this day, you feel a sense of relief. You’re married, you just had the best day of your life, and you are finally alone with your husband/wife. We were so thankful for our driver who rolled the windows down, played some romantic music, and allowed us to just relax while he drove around for a bit. A massive thank you to Blue Diamond Limousines of Texas for helping us find the perfect exit car and for the incredible service! If you are in the Dallas area, I can’t recommend them enough.

Have you guys been enjoying our wedding series? P.S. This recap will be continued in tomorrow’s post with the rest of our amazing vendors!!

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