My favorite time of year is finally here — when oversleeping and eating sweets in bed on a cold, crisp morning is totally acceptable! There are so many things to love about the holiday season and these are definitely a few of them. I have been teased my entire life about my love for sleeping in and my obsession with sweets, so it’s no surprise to see me living out my Home Alone dream this Christmas at 26 years old 🙂 (shameless)

A few other favorites are the cozy wardrobe, wrapping gifts, and watching Christmas movies (aka the perfect reason to stay in bed). The only thing we are missing here in Texas right now is a little snow, so my family is heading out to Santa Fe for Christmas this year and I couldn’t be more thrilled! However since I don’t live in the freezing temps, I was panicking about what to wear on this trip and which gifts to get for each family member. Per usual, Tommy Hilfiger helped me cover these bases and then some!


Below are a few gift ideas or you can access their gift guide where you can literally find a gift for everyone on your list…


Silver boyfriend watch for the ladies in my family? Check. (love these for the guys) // faux fur hooded down coat I’ve been hunting for? Check. (sure to be a lifesaver because I’m a wimp and it’ll be freezing)) // Flannel PJ’s? Check. (for my sister, mom, and I – a Christmas morning tradition to wear matching ones) // a mongolian fur statement vest & classy velvet dress? Check. (to turn heads at our fancy Christmas dinner) // the ultimate faux fur wedge booties? Check. (to be a step above the rest, obviously)

Happy Holidays! XOXO

 **This post was produced in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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