DIY: Gold & White Striped File Organizer

 OK, so I know this isn’t a DIY blog, but it is a style blog and styling isn’t only meant for outfits people! I love rearranging, re-inventing, re-furbishing and re-styling my home. I’m a creative mind at heart and art (whether it be painting or crafting) is something I love to do. This is just to show you a simple way of turning something boring around your house into a chic accent piece. Anyone can do it, it’s so simple and easy! I got these cheap untreated wood, file organizer things, probably 3 years ago at ikea and they STILL carry them! I started by spraying the whole unit with a flat white spray paint. I let that dry over night so that when I put the tape on, it wouldn’t take the paint off.  For the lines to be even I just used Frog painters tape on one flat side and just wrapped it all the way around until I had come full circle (you just have to eye it on keeping the lines even). Once I finished taping it off I did 3 coats of gold spray paint (Rustoleum Metallic Gold is my fav gold spray paint). After you let it dry for 3 hours or so, pull off the tape and voila!! (Sorry for skipping pictures of steps in between….I got a little excited!!)
I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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