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I’m the kind of girl that would pass on hair and makeup, even when it’s offered complimentary. Not because I think I’m better at it than a professional, but because I know my own hair, skin, and products that work best for me. It’s rare I actually like it when someone else does it. So this obviously made me nervous for my wedding day hair and makeup. I knew I wanted to be pampered and not do it myself, but I also wanted to love it.

It wasn’t until I found the Styling Stewardess that I finally felt at ease. The owner, Kaleigh, is extremely talented and has done some incredible work. If you take a look at her portfolio, you can see why she’s currently the best in Dallas! I showed her inspiration photos of how I wanted my hair and makeup for my trial run and was blown away that she nailed it on the first try.

bridal hair for short hair blondes
short hairstyle by the Styling Stewardess on blogger So Sage
pretty hairstyle for a bride with short hair

My Hair – I have pretty curly hair and with it being short, sometimes it’s hard to really get all the way to the root. She broke my hair into sections and took a 1/4 inch curling iron to my roots to really smooth them out. She then followed with a straightener and teased the top section for the volume we wanted. I requested a more simple & sleek look to go with our modern style wedding. By doing the half-up, half-down hairstyle….it made it really easy to attach my vail where my hair was pinned half-up!

the best bridal hair and makeup in Dallas for brides
ideas for your wedding hair and makeup
the best wedding hair and makeup artist in Dallas
a natural makeup look for the modern bride

My Makeup – I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to look like myself and not be too glammed up. Kyle would prefer that I never wear any makeup at all (which obvi doesn’t happen) and I’m not a fan of the overdone look, so I told Kaleigh I wanted my makeup to look natural, dewy, and glowy. I also rarely wear eyeliner, but if I do it’s only on top. I absolutely loved the way my makeup turned out! I really felt like myself but also beautiful and bridal-like.

After being so happy with my trial run, we hired the Styling Stewardess team to come do my bridesmaids hair and makeup the day of the wedding as well. We thought this was a nice treat for the bridal party and also made sure that everyone had similar looks! They got to choose their makeup and I gave them three hairstyles to pick from.

hair inspo for your bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids Hair – These were the three hairstyles I gave my bridesmaids to choose from and what I showed to the Styling Stewardess Team. I pulled these from my wedding inspo Pinterest board. They were obsessed with their hair!!

the best hair and makeup for your bridal party and bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids Makeup – They got to choose their own makeup, but I gave the team guidelines as far as color palette. We stayed in the mauve tones to go along with the neutral colors of the wedding. They LOVED their makeup for the wedding and I did too. Everyone looked beyond gorgeous — I mean how pretty are my bridesmaids?! P.S. Ashley was definitely the most requested stylist for makeup among the bridesmaids 🙂

the best hair and makeup for a blonde bride
the best bridal HMU by the Styling Stewardess

Not only did I trust the Styling Stewardess to do my bridal hair and makeup, but I would have them do my HMU for ANY event! I fully plan on using them again in the near future and love how everything turned out. If you are interested in booking the Styling Stewardess for your wedding, the best way to contact them is by email. There is also a helpful FAQ section on their website that answers a lot of questions you might have. And if you’re looking for HMU inspo, make sure to follow their Instagram!

What was your experience using a HMU team for your wedding day?


  1. Madison harbin


    Hello! I am hoping you can share what huggie earrings you are wearing/putting in your ear in the above photos. I am getting married in September and am looking for something nearly identical. Thank you for your help!!

  2. Zala Hair 06.07.22

    The perfect makeup and bridal hairstyle can help make you look best at every angle when you are photographed. Thanks for sharing this! It will surely help all young ladies who are confused in choosing hairstyle and makeup on their big day.


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