Before I Turn 30 + Bucket List Adventures

It’s absolutely crazy to me that I’m even saying this, but one year from next month I’ll be turning 30. That’s just insane. Growing up I always wanted to be older than I was, even in my early 20’s, but in the last few years I have been dreading every birthday getting closser to 30. That number has just freaked me out for some reason. Maybe because I wasn’t engaged/married, no children, or because I have noticed my skin & body changing over the years. I would bet I’m not alone on this….am I right?

But recently, I have been at peace with my age. I would say just in the past two years, which for me has been two very big years of change. Moving to another city to be with my boyfriend (now fiancé), going full-time with my blog, getting engaged, planning a wedding, planning for our future family, etc. I feel like I really know who I am at this point in my life and am in such a better place than I was when I was at 27. I have always been that person that says, “before I turn 30 I want to _____”  — call it my bucket list if you will, most of which revolve around traveling because I know once we start our family, life will inevitably slow down a bit.

So a couple weeks ago, I partnered  on the most fun campaign. They really encouraged me to stop dreading turning 30 and instead embrace this big turning point (and others!) in my life. In doing so, I decided to cross something off the top of my bucket list — road tripping down the coast of California to see the flower fields in Carlsbad.  I was in for more of a surprise than I expected… turns out, the flower fields close after Mother’s Day and the flowers go dormant. This was obviously a huge bummer because I had flown out to CA  specifically to visit this location and of course grab some photos to document it. Not only were the flowers not in bloom, but they were completely closed. I felt awful that I had brought my girlfriends along for this road trip that suddenly my plans went to shit. We then drove around the corner to find this beautiful field of flowers in the shape of an American Flag. We jumped the fence, grabbed photos, and had so many laughs every step of the way. Sometimes things don’t go your way, but then work out for the better!

I brought my moisturizer along because I haven’t been traveling anywhere the past few months without this + the Daily Facial dry cleansing cloths. When I traveled to Europe my skin was SO dry and this moisturizer was a lifesaver. I also hate taking my makeup off with remover wipes and then have to wash my face after that. With the cleansing cloths, they remove your makeup as well as cleanse your face all in the same step. And they are dry wipes, so it makes it super lightweight for traveling!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Shayna


    awww that’s too bad you didn’t get to seee the flowers but it sounds like you gals still had a blast and making everlasting memories is the most important part of the journey. I hope you get the chance to tick the other one off your bucket list soon. Youve really inspired me to start adding to my bucketlist so I appreciate that a lot. I have a bunch of them and I feel like so many are so far out of reach sometimes but I believe hope & faith should be everyone’s #1 bucketlist so they can stop dreaming their wishes and start living their dreams. I bet you’re so glad you’ve started to tick off your list! Plus congrats again on all the exciting life changes you’ve experienced. you’re going to be such a beautiful bride and I know you’ll have a lovely family in the near future. Keep moving forward and following your passions and dreams. Listen to your heart as it will Always steer you in the right direction. Im so Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing this really cool experience and happy early 30th birthday


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