Swimwear I’d Wear as a New Mama

postpartum swimwear

I put up a question box on my stories a few days ago to see what y’all are having trouble shopping for. Some of the most requested in the swimwear category was “sexy one-pieces,” “one-piece swimsuits for new moms,” and “affordable swimwear.” So I decided to give you all three 🙂

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to dress boring or bland just because you have a baby. I do understand the struggle of finding a swimsuit to sport at the pool right after birth; Capri was a May baby but there was no chance I was missing pool season because I didn’t fit in my other swimsuits. And before I go any further, I by no means suggesting new mamas have to sport a one-piece swimsuit but this is what worked best for me and was also most requested by everyone! Hopefully, these few tips I give you will help you feel confident all summer long!

Textures are Your Friend

I found when looking for swimsuits, that I was drawn first to swimwear with texture. I preferred this over a silky or flat material.

Accentuate Your Waist

This is one easy way to give a little dimension. You could do this by wearing a swimsuit with a belt or cinches at the waist.

Black Slims

You can’t go wrong with a black swimsuit. They’re automatically slimming and can be found just about anywhere.

High Leg

I know this may be the most intimidating out of the group, but a high-leg swimwear elongates you.

You Can Shop All My Favorite Swimsuits Here

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