Pink Baby Shower

pink baby shower

Back in March I had the most beautiful pink baby shower thrown for me by my mother and mother-in-law. It was the most special day ever and I cannot believe I never shared the photos with you guys! I guess it was all that 3rd trimester nesting that took priority before baby girl arrived. I am so grateful to have had this shower because I had no idea what was coming shortly after that with everything surrounding Covid.

baby shower cake

Better late than never on this post though, right? I know so many people are pregnant right now and planning baby showers. With all of the rules in place for Covid, having a smaller shower at your home like this is a great idea. It immediately offers a more comfortable, intimate feel too. Having my closest friends and family there to celebrate me + Capri was everything!

For the balloons, we worked with our local Dallas favorite, Lushra. They have done the balloons for all of my events (like my bridal shower and gender reveal too) and I absolutely love them. They do such an incredible job and always see my vision for what I’m wanting. I was determined to have a hot air balloon made of actual balloons and they made it happen! So cute, right? P.S. They now offer DIY balloon kits. Also, how fun are the B-A-B-Y marquee letters by Alpha Lit Marquee. These were perfect for decorating the larger outdoor space. I have seen these done in so many cute ways for various parties, they never disappoint!

baby shower sign

My pink baby shower dress + gold shoes got so much love on Instagram. I thought it would be fun to change things up from the usual maxi dress you see moms wearing at baby showers. It was actually great because I was having crazy hot flashes and the material was super breathable!

baby shower balloons

Any other details you guys are curious about from my pink baby shower, let me know in the comments below!


  1. Jamey Lee


    Where did you get the Capri wood sign?

    • Sage Coralli 10.01.20

      Hi Jamey! My mom actually made that sign for us 🙂 She bought the letters from Hobby Lobby, dried flowers, painted the letters, then glued the flowers on!

  2. Ксения 10.01.20

    This baby gender sign is such a fun way to announce your exciting news! Choose from our blue It s a boy sign or our pink It s a girl sign to use in maternity photos, a gender reveal party, or as baby shower decoration!

  3. ANNA


    where is your dress from it is so cute!

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