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Last year I had the pleasure of trying out the Olay Retinol24 line when it first launched. I started using them before I got pregnant with Capri and though I only used them for about a month, I loved the results I began to see. Olay has now launched a MAX line for both the Retinol24 and Regenerist collections. The Olay Max products are focused on hydrating your skin. Since I currently struggle with dryness and elasticity, I jumped at the opportunity to try it! I’m a little over 4 weeks in and already see a clear difference in the appearance of my skin (though they say the best is yet to come).

Olay released 2 new (fragrance-free) Lines:

1. Olay Retinol24 MAX Collection: Olay’s Retinol24 formula now comes in MAX form and has 20% (but up to 100%) more hydrating ingredients. Olay packed these formulas with Retinol24’s maximum concentration of hydrators to leave your skin feeling hydrated and replenished. The collection includes:
MAX Night Hydrating Moisturizer
MAX Night Eye Cream
MAX Night Serum
* The Retinol24 MAX Collection is not meant to be used together as a regimen (each product has the same amount of retinol), so select which form fits best into your routine!

2. Olay’s Regenerist Ultra Rich Moisturizer: Olay’s Regenerist Ultra Rich Moisturizer is formulated with a special shea butter blend to provide long-lasting moisture in a rich and creamy texture. It instantly hydrates to visibly renew and firm skin, with a rich, non-greasy feel. Key ingredients include:
– Vitamin B3
– Peptides
– Glycerin
– Hyaluronic Acid

Questions Answered by Dr. Michelle Henry

Recently I asked you guys to submit skin questions via IG stories that I could have Dr. Michelle Henry answer in my video call with her. She was full of information and I had so much fun chatting all things skin with her! Below are some of the questions submitted that she was able to answer for us….

1. Do you recommend starting with the original retinol line and working your way up to the max?
You don’t have to. If you have incredibly sensitive skin then you could but the max is super tolerable even though it’s a higher concentration.

2. Is it beneficial for skin over 55?
Yes, it’s especially beneficial for people over 55 (because at that point we’ve lost more collagen and elasticity). You dramatically lose 1% of collagen each year after the age of 20. Retinol is how you help build more collagen!

3. What product would you recommend for young women with early age lines?
The Retinol24 Line and the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Face Moisturizer. Micro-exfoliation is great for early age lines and helps even out skin tone. Even though it’s not promoted as an acne line it will help improve acne as well!

4. What is the most important ingredients in an eye cream for crow’s feet?
Retinol, the gold standard ingredient!

5. What does retinol do for your skin?
Retinol helps with elasticity and building lost collagen. It will also help even out skin, fine lines, and sagging skin. You will also have brighter skin!

6. Is it ok to use retinol when breastfeeding?
They don’t recommend using it while breastfeeding or pregnant but it’s something you should discuss further with your doctor.

7. Does retinol cream/serum really help?
Yes, it’s one of the most potent ingredients (especially over the counter). The two must-have products are retinol and sunscreen.

8. For someone with really sensitive skin, will this dry out my face?
It shouldn’t dry it out. It is made to be super tolerable with very hydrating ingredients (the whole point of the MAX line is a higher concentration of hydration). You can always just ease into using the products full time.

9. What’s the best product to use for slight to moderate under-eye circling?
Retinol, which will stimulate collagen and thicken up the skin around your eyes. Peptides are also great around the eye!

10. What is the difference between Rentinol24 and Retinol24 MAX?
Increased tolerability and efficiency in the products which means a better investment!

My Experience

Over the past 4 weeks I have added a few of these MAX products into my skincare routine. The biggest differences I can see in my skin is an overall improvement in texture, firmness, and hydration. What I love most is that you don’t have to completely change your skincare and buy all new products. You can easily incorporate a few products into your already established routine as needed.

For me, in the mornings I use the Ultra-Rich Hydrating Moisturizer in combination with the current products I’m already using (making sure I include a product with SPF).

For my nighttime routine, I added the Retinol24 MAX Serum and when applying I leave a little margin around my eyes. Then I apply the Retinol24 MAX Eye Cream, making sure to not overlap where I’ve already applied the serum (that skin under the eye is very sensitive). I first started this routine two days a week (Monday and Thursday). Once I saw no irritation then I graduated to every other night. I am still currently doing every other night, but will eventually do this routine nightly. And lastly, I finish with the Ultra-Rich Hydrating Moisturizer. When I wake up in the mornings, my skin feels like butter!

These recommendations were given to me personally by Dr.Michelle Henry after discussing my skin type, tolerances, etc. I generally do not have sensitive skin so she felt comfortable with this combination! Dr. Henry also mentioned you will start to see results around the 4-week mark and full results around 8 weeks.

I specifically have loved the Ultra-Rich Hydrating Moisturizer. The older I get, the more dry my skin has gotten. I LOVE that dewy/glowy skin look, especially when I’m getting dressed up to go somewhere 🙂

olay moisturizer

where can you buy the products?

You can buy all of the products I’ve mentioned at your local CVS or at CVS.com!


If you have any other questions about the products or my experience using them, I am happy to answer in the comments below!

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