Ingenuity Swing VS. 4moms mamaRoo

Many of you have asked about Capri’s favorite Ingenuity Braden DreamComfort Cradling Swing I shared on Instagram and why she didn’t care as much for the 4moms mamaRoo

mom blogger review and comparison of the ingenuity swing and 4moms mamaroo

I originally registered for the mamaRoo because it was a highly rated product. I spoke with other mom’s and they said their baby either loved or hated it. The mamaRoo has multiple swing functionalities, but they all go in one direction (side to side). Additionally, the mamaRoo comes with a stationary overhead mobile (it doesn’t move). While some babies love it, Capri was ultimately not a fan. The first few times when she was a newborn she didn’t mind being in it. However, once she was more alert and could engage she was not into it. I think it’s one of those things you don’t know will work until your baby is here and they try it out!

My husband, Kyle, has had a go-to move for calming Capri down when she’s upset. ‘The move’ involves him cradling her in his arms out in front of his body and rocking her forward and backwards. We quickly realized this works like a charm, but the only problem is that your arms and back are wrecked after 10 minutes of doing it. We eventually learned it was the forward/backward motion that she really loved. So my mom told me we should invest in a good baby swing. Another large baby contraption for our living room, REALLY?? Do we NEED it?? Come to find out we most certainly did. We bought the Ingenuity Cradling Swing and it was the best baby item we purchased yet.

baby swing vs mamaRoo review and comparison

Not only does she really enjoy the forward-backward motion, but the swing has multiple functionalities the mamaRoo doesn’t. It has the option to rotate the seat so that it moves side-to-side or forward-backward. The swing also vibrates, has a moving mobile, and lights that change color on the mobile.

The swing along with the moving mobile and light really catches her attention. She truly lights up when in the swing and months later she’s still obsessed with it. Each window she’s awake, it buys me 20-30 minutes of time because she enjoys being in it so much. As a first time mom, I’m learning how much you can get done now in these short windows of time! 

Has your baby taken a liking to one swing over another? I’d love to hear your thoughts with your own children!

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