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Photos by: Justin James Photography

Where are all my single ladies?!?!

I know what you’re thinking…single?? Valentine’s day?? Ughhh.

Well, if I’m being completely honest…..I was thinking the same for the past month as I looked back and realized I haven’t been single on Valentine’s Day for the past 10+ years (…yikes, sounds even worse when I type it out). So I got to talking with one of my sweet friends Brooke of One Small Blonde and realized that this holiday isn’t only about your boyfriend sending you flowers or surprising you with a weekend getaway — it’s about showing the people you love, well….some love!

So this past weekend some of my favorite dallas bloggers <<One Small BlondeAccessory JaneSide Smile StyleThe Perennial StyleStyle Summary>> and I threw our first ever GALentine’s Day party. It was the most fun, girly-girl thing I’ve done in quite some time and something I very much needed! As you can tell from the photos, we had so much fun writing love notes (to each other, duh), eating the most delicious treats, gossiping, and sipping on champs (per usual).

If you’re thinking about throwing a GALentine’s Day party of your own, it’s oh so simple and this is what you’ll need:

1)A group of really fun girlfriends that aren’t afraid to wear PINK

2) Sweets & treats that will send you on the biggest sugar high

3) Champagne that will knock your socks off

4) Love cards with fun sayings on them like these from Michelle Chanel Creative

And voila! Girls are actually pretty easy & simple if you ask me 😉

See, these are the things you miss out on when you have a significant other in your life….haha just kidding, you married ladies could still throw your own version of a GALentine’s Day party! However, if you are in fact single this year I strongly encourage a soiree of this nature. Let’s be real…sitting and sulking at home will do you no good. So put your big girl panties on, gather all your besties, and spread the LOVE this v-day!! Who’s in??



***SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS FOR THIS EVENT: JOY Macarons, Elaine Turner, Michelle Chanel Creative, Tracy Melton Artistry

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