CS x SC Blogging Debut

Well…I finally gave in. I did it. Bit the dust and decided to make a blog like everyone has been telling me to do for the last few years. Among hours upon hours of procrastinating and googling HTML codes, this is what I’ve come to realize; I’m a total dork at heart, I’ve loved every minute of designing this blog myself, I would stay up until 5am just to add the next minor creative touch, and I am going to absolutely love sharing my passions through CSxSC.

Aside from my inner dork, my real reason for creating this blog is to share with potential readers all of my favorite things in life. Obvs STYLE is at the top of my list 🙂 Humbly yet coutnlessly I am asked, “who made that dress, where did you get this top, and why can’t I pull that off?” I guess you could describe my style as tastefully-chic, with a hint of eclectic edgey grunge. The truth is, my style depends on my mood and the pieces in my closet range from forever21 to Neiman Marcus and everything in between. I’m a sucker for sales but never afraid to splurge if necessary. What better way to share with the curious my– outfits, fave places to shop, & my choice of styling fab numbers for various occasions?

In Sage’s world, style is a way of expressing yourself. That’s the fun part about it! My #1 wardrobe rule is: Be honest about your lifestyle and buy only what you LOVE!

I hope through sharing my obsession with fashion, style, health& fitness, modeling, DIY’s, art and travel, I can connect with readers and inspire someone.  I get to live my number one passion every day and that is helping people get healthy through lifestyle coaching and offering the best nutrition in the world. I’m sure I’ll tell you about that during a later post, but for now, this is my gettaway for sharing all the chic things in my life that deserve a little more attention!

So if you fancy, follow my adventurous journey with CHIC STYLE BY SAGE CORALLI. Let the blogging begin!



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