Capri’s Favorites at 8 Months

8 month old favorite things

After many requests on my IG, I’m giving you an update on Capri’s Favorite Things at 8 months. I previously posted about some of Capri’s Favorite Things when she was about 6 months old. It’s crazy to believe how much she’s grown since then and moving on to new toys and products.

Adjustable Baby Walker

If you saw my stories from Christmas, then you saw how obsessed Capri is with this toy. We’ve only had a for a little bit but she is LOVING moving around the house. She’s always loved standing in her activity centers so this is the perfect addition to her collection.

Reversible Playmat

This has been a lifesaver for us. We originally had black and white floor tiles which I loved the aesthetic of but they were hard as rock. This play-mat is so much softer and has been perfect for Capri now that she is more mobile.

Wooden Name Puzzle

Capri and I both are loving this custom name puzzle (especially for the price). It also doubles as cute decoration in her room when she’s not busy playing with it.

Bumbo Seat

Capri usually sits in this next to me in the kitchen when she wants to observe and be on our level. They have a few different colors if pink isn’t your thing!

Sherpa Chair

I had so many question on the Sherpa Chair we got Capri for Christmas. She loves sitting in this and I know she’ll be able to use it a lot in the future. I didn’t use the custom embroidery through their website because it couldn’t be done in time for Christmas, so I just had it done locally here in Dallas.

Interactive Activity Center

I posted about this activity center on the last blog but she’s still using and loving this thing so much. You can adjust the feet length on it to use as they grow and eventually turn it into a table top. This toy keeps her very busy and entertained ๐Ÿ™‚

Munchkin Trainer Cups

We just started using these… and I’m shocked how much Capri has taken to these!

Let’s Dance Elmo

I feel like the dancing Elmo is a staple for babies. My nephews went crazy over this toy and Capri has done the same. Yes, it’s loud (and annoying) but they get so happy interacting with it that it’s totally worth it.

Small Arch Stacker

She doesn’t quite understand how to stack these quite yet but she loves taking them apart (and putting them in her mouth of course)! I love the colors, textures, and that Capri will continue to grow in her motor skills.

Doorway Jumper

Lastly this doorway jumper, which we currently have out in our living room. As I mentioned, Capri loves standing so this was another perfect toy for her. I have a feeling I will be in trouble once she is able to walk!

If you have any questions about any of the products, drop them in the comments below! ๐Ÿ™‚

babies favorite things

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