Meet Billie, My New Razor

I’ve been using the Billie razor for a month now and let me tell you, it’s worth all the hype. Billie is a shaving company that was created for women. They have 5 blade razors encased with charcoal soap and their other products are toxin free! Best part? The price is cheaper than most razors in drug stores and it without a doubt gives you a way better shave.

It’s only $9 for the starter kit. This includes everything picture below (razor or your choice, two 5 blade razor cartridges, and the magnetic holder). From there on, they will deliver 4 replacement cartridges for only $9 whenever you want them. OMG?!

So Sage Blog billie razor review
Sage's honest review of the billie razor
Sage's thoughts on why the Billie razor is worth all the hype

This means no more buying expensive mens razors to get the perfect shave. I know I’m not the only one that did this! I would honestly cringe every time I had to buy a new cartridge of razor refills because they were so damn expensive! Or I would use my razor until it was completely dull.

I can tell you after trying the Billie razor for a month that it gives you the same great shave your mens razor would. I actually feel like I can go longer in between shaves using the Billie. It’s light weight, comes in the cutest colors, and has a magnetic holder for your shower wall that’s so convenient!

why Sage thinks the affordable Billie razor is totally worth it
The 5 blade billie razor review by So Sage Blog
why the billie razor gives you the same smooth shave as a mens razor
this luxury razor at an affordable price point is everything

They also have a shaving cream, body wash, and moisturizer that I’ve heard great things about. After realizing the razor was worth all the hype, I just ordered these products and can’t wait to try!



*this post was brought to you in collaboration with My Billie. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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  1. Dawn D gay


    No more Billie razors for me. End this for now.


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