Edgy Girl Valentines Day Outfit

Sage Coralli of So Sage in edgy valentines day outfit

If you’re an edgy girl like me or just not into the frilly Valentine’s Day dresses this year, this look is for you! Everything in this Valentine’s Day look (minus my bag) is under $50 if you can believe that and it’s definitely one of my favorite outfits to date. The red pleated skirt can


Loungewear You Can’t Live Without

comfy loungewear you can't live without on blogger So Sage

You know that loungewear you just can’t live without? Yeah, that’s Wildfox for me. They are truly one of my favorite brands of all time! I’ve been wearing their loungewear since I was in high school and my love for the brand has just continued over the years. Their fun slogans never get old and


Quinoa Chicken Avocado Bowl

Chicken quinoa bowl recipe with avocado, sweet potatoes, and salsa

Per your request, I have added a new tab to my menu bar called ‘recipes’. Here is one of our new favorite recipes that I just kind of made up and we’ve been eating at least once a week! I call this the Quinoa Chicken Avocado Bowl….because what else do you call this?! 

The Leather Pants You Need Under $100

faux leather pants on blogger So Sage

Leather pants have been hot for decades, but they usually come with a hefty price tag. These (faux) leather pants however do not. They are under $100 and feel almost exactly like the real thing! They even have a little bit of stretch in them and a high waist, which both make for a super


Clarins SOS Masks

Clarins SOS Masks in three different options : SOS Pure, SOS Hydra, SOS Comfort

Every year I make it my goal to take my skin to the next level and in doing so I’ve seen a huge improvement over the years. 2018 is no different! After gauging your interest in 2017 and seeing how intrigued y’all were, I’ve decided to make beauty & skincare a more prominent piece of

Neutral Makeup Look + My YouTube Channel Launch!

YouTube tutorial of So Sage sharing her neutral makeup look and foundation routine

If you follow along on Instagram you know I recently launched my YouTube channel! I was super excited to finally share my foundation routine as well as this neutral makeup look that’s an easy go-to for me. I figured I would share this video on my blog as well for all of my subscribers that


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