1 Jumpsuit, 2 Ways

A good black jumpsuit can go a long ways, and in this case, can be worn two ways. Say hello to another under $100 piece that can be worn for work & play. Just because you work in an office and sit behind a desk, doesn’t mean your clothes have to match the boring job description.
Although I no longer work in the corporate world there are still many times in which I need to look like a business professional for meetings….and even though fashion is my forte, the rules still apply in my book. Office or business meeting, it’s not appropriate to wear your spaghetti strap black jumpsuit (even if there’s no cleavage involved). However, there’s no reason “work clothing” should be boring and exclusive to office use only. Today I’m showing you how to get the most out of your wardrobe and make one piece wearable for both work & play.

Nude Tones

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It’s no question that nude tones are my favorite right now. Peachy-nude, camel-nude, pinky-nude….I’m loving them all. I’m also having a moment with bodysuits, they’re just so easy to thrown on with a pair of jeans and can be dressed up or down. I couldn’t resist buying this nude bodysuit by Ronny Kobo when I saw it in the Shopbop sale. Unfortunately it’s sold out, but I linked a handful of similar nude bodysuits I’m eyeing and the rest of my outfit details below!

Keep on Dreamin’

I’m always on the hunt for unique jackets or sweaters with embroidery & fun slogans on the back. I couldn’t pass up this cozy cardigan because for one it was 60% off, but also the saying ‘Keep on Dreamin’. At the start of each year I’m inspired to set new goals & dreams for both my career and personal life, so last week I made a list. If you’ve never done this, I totally recommend it because by January 2018 it’s fun to reflect back on what you’ve accomplished and see how much closer you are to achieving some of your dreams. One thing at the top of my career list for 2017 is to engage/interact with my readers on a more personal level. I want to get to know y’all even better and share more of what YOU want to see…so I ask you this: please comment below, DM me on Instagram, or email me sharing what type of posts you would like to see more of this year. So far I have the following noted:

  1. Hair tutorial (how-to soft waves)
  2. Everyday make-up tutorial and favorite beauty products
  3. More high-low outfit posts
  4. Workouts
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