Gingham Dress

gingham brigitte dress

Nothing screams warm weather like a gingham dress does! As preppy as gingham can be, I love this classic print…especially in black & white and when it comes in a dress silhouette like this one. The smocked portion at the top, the flared sleeves, and the mix of both large and small gingham print checks are everything! 


Matchy Matchy

matchy matchy red set AEO

I’m not always into being matchy matchy, but I do love myself a matching two piece set for warmer days. And I know red isn’t usually my go-to color but I couldn’t resist…I mean, it has my feeling like a real life red salsa girl emoji!


The Secret to Full Lashes

clarins 3-dot eyeliner how to

I’ll admit it, drawing on liquid eyeliner is not my strong suit and has seemed to remain the case regardless of how many YouTube videos I watch on how to apply it. Because of this, I rarely wear top eyeliner and if I do I usually just apply it with a wet brush + black eyeshadow. The excess powder dropping on my already set under-eye concealer is a pain to say the least, so you can imagine why I was thrilled to discover this new Clarins 3 Dot Liner!

Denim Shorts Under $60

cute denim shorts under 60

In the past, denim shorts have been a struggle for me when trying to find the perfect pair but that hasn’t been the case this year. If anything, I can’t stop buying denim shorts and think I’ve developed quite a problem. With all the options these days it’s been quite easy to find a solid pair of denim shorts (or 20 in my case) that fit perfectly, have vintage-like distressing, and don’t break the bank. This year in particular, I have found so many denim shorts that all fall under $100 price point and my wallet couldn’t be happier.

Upgrading from a Queen to King Size Mattress with 4Sleep USA

upgrading your mattress from queen to king on So Sage Blog with 4Sleep USA

You know you’re getting old when the highlight of your year is upgrading to a King size mattress. Am I right? After moving into a new house and starting completely over on furniture/decor, we had to make a list of things we needed and prioritize them accordingly. Upgrading to a King size mattress was at the top of our list! Although the queen size worked (okay not really), it was time to get a new mattress anyways. I was told you’re supposed to replace your mattress every 10 years…so if that’s the case, we were way overdue! Not to mention….buying a home was adult AF, it seemed like this was the obvious next step. 

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017

We celebrate our moms every day because they’re the ones that gave us life and we would be lost without them. So on Mother’s Day I always grab something special for mine to show how much I appreciate her more than she knows. Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2017 that rest assured, she will love

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