Trending: Puffer Coats

pink puffer coat from Free People on blogger So Sage

Nothing makes me more happy than something that’s both practical AND cozy. From the runway to high-street, we are seeing everyone put their own unique spin on the puffer coat. Bundling up in what feels like a sleeping bag?! YES, please. 


10 Best Purchases of 2017

We all get buyers remorse from time to time, but this past year was the year I finally started investing in things I knew I wouldn’t regret  buying. I’ve always been told “buy cheap, buy often” but sometimes you just can’t help yourself when you see a knock off version or find yourself a really good deal. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good find under $100 as most of you are well aware. This will never change about me, but the older I get the more I realize how important it is to start investing in my wardrobe (especially considering my line of work). Below are a list of my 10 best purchases of 2017. If you notice, all of these items rarely (if ever) go on sale and continue to be available season after season. I always say you know you’ve invested in something good when it’s available year after year and never marked down!

Fluffy Sparkle Sweater

cute sparkle sweater with otk boots outfit on blogger So Sage

My sweater addiction got worse in the past few weeks as temperatures finally dropped here! Adding this fluffy sparkle sweater to the mix that I was able to wear pre, during, and post holiday. It’s super soft and stretchy, but I love how it dresses up even a simple pair of black jeans and black OTK boots. 


Red Booties

red suede booties paired with a velvet pleated dress on So Sage

I’m usually not into red, but for some reason around this time of year I always am! I’m loving adding pops of red into my everyday neutral looks, like with these red booties. They’re such a good price point and super comfortable!

Cruising with Royal Carribean

Going on vacation is always a good idea. Regardless of the time of year, I love taking a girls trip. Amanda, Kristen & I travel together often and we were so excited to try something different this time…CRUISING!! To be honest, my idea of cruising has always been kind of like…eh. Aside from a family

Gift Guide: For the Beauty Lover

holiday gift guide for the beauty lover on So Sage Blog

I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with a ton of gift guides this season, so I’ve mainly been trying to focus on styled looks. However, I know how it is around the holidays when you’re in a crunch to buy a gift for someone and don’t know where to even start. I figured we


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