Why Simple Layering Pieces Are Essential

From sheer mesh to solid turtlenecks, layering pieces have never been so big (and maximizing your wardrobe has never been so easy). Having something I can wear many more ways than one always helps me justify spending the money…but especially when it comes to tops. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a top and then resold it or donated it after one wear because “people already saw me in it”. Anyone else guilty of this? The older I get, the more I want to narrow down my wardrobe and start shopping smarter by investing in pieces that are higher quality and can be worn multiple ways. I love that you can wear this top by itself or layered under a dress like I’ve done here. Statement sleeves are here to stay and I’m all over it!

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Our Love Story with Urban Outfitters #UOLoveStories

Serious relationship or not, I’ve always loved Valentine’s day. I’m definitely one of those hopeless romantics that loves, LOVE….like the girl that whole heartedly believes in the 5 Love Languages and makes her boyfriend read it. For me, I show my love by acts of service and receive love by words of affirmation (shocker). Basically any act of love on this V-Day (even if that was receiving flowers + a card from daddy in the years I’ve been single) gets me. Luckily I’ve found a man that gets me flowers not just on Valentines Day, but on more random days than I can count 🙂  Allow me to get a little deep with y’all today and hear our love story. Without further ado, meet my boyfriend, Kyle…

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1 Jumpsuit, 2 Ways

A good black jumpsuit can go a long ways, and in this case, can be worn two ways. Say hello to another under $100 piece that can be worn for work & play. Just because you work in an office and sit behind a desk, doesn’t mean your clothes have to match the boring job description.
Although I no longer work in the corporate world there are still many times in which I need to look like a business professional for meetings….and even though fashion is my forte, the rules still apply in my book. Office or business meeting, it’s not appropriate to wear your spaghetti strap black jumpsuit (even if there’s no cleavage involved). However, there’s no reason “work clothing” should be boring and exclusive to office use only. Today I’m showing you how to get the most out of your wardrobe and make one piece wearable for both work & play.

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