Top 5 Weekend Buys

1| Cusp by Neiman Marcus  |
2 | Free People |
3 | Free People |
4 | Alexander Wang |
5 | One Teaspoon |

If this collage doesn’t get you fired up for fall, I don’t know what will. I went on a mini 
spree here in Dallas this past weekend while shopping after a brunch full of mimosas
with dad (always a good idea). These Alexander Wang booties scream perfection– 
I’ve been obsessed since the day I saw them. I’ve also been on the hunt for a great leather 
jacket ever since I fell in love with miley cyrus’ edgy style (before the whole chopping of
the hair and tasteless VMA performance, that is). I found these jacket at Neiman Marcus
and the price is so on point it’s not even funny. I was hoping I didn’t see $1500-$2000 
when I looked at the tag and luckily I didn’t (MAJ steal at full price). So thrilled with all of
my new purchases and I never thought I would say this but I think I am now ready for 
some fall weather!! Anyhow, my weekend was so refreshing and full of fun/family/fashion.
Every time I’m back at home in Dallas I fall in love with this city all over again. There’s 
just so much to do and people to see, I can never get enough when I visit. I guess that’s
why they say there’s no place like home 🙂 I’m off to run errands and have lunch with the
beautiful Lauren Scruggs of LOLO Magazine before I head back to Oklahoma. Follow 
me on instagram for more fun pics that may not quite make it to the blog. 
                                          Hope your day is as fab as you are! 

Smoochie Smoochie!

 photo a1d98c6e-c46c-4a9a-8606-8fb7f81c9a14_zps5f30fd1d.jpg photo e1d29e90-308f-4906-b99d-fb5c61bc8eb4_zps646bb52c.jpg photo 6cca0093-b5eb-40ae-a269-e963ab2495a7_zpse97e5afd.jpg photo 0793acb8-f3f0-47c0-abce-c4cab0345521_zpsa1f8cc11.jpg photo 665c1e31-484a-4a8e-91b6-f49270dc9852_zps3577cbff.jpg photo fda551b8-02fb-4808-9c2d-0f1b6b9701f4_zpsccf24790.jpg photo fd88fa38-04af-4786-b4c2-827fd5f651de_zps98e3c55d.jpg photo 9b59872e-c9b6-47cf-9375-46861b839504_zps1e1b1614.jpg photo c2f37819-0a38-4201-9d20-1e680ee3bddc_zpsc8a4e645.jpg

Dress: Forever21 | 
Clutch: Clare Vivier | 
Boots: ASOS | 
Sunglasses: ASOS | 
Bracelets: Forever21 |

I thought this outfit post was so perfect for a case of the Monday’s. It just makes you happy looking at it!! I can’t decide what’s more fun here..the massive lips on my dress or the animal print clutch. Just seeing the dress from a mile away on the hanger made me smile and instantly I knew it was a must have. It’s the perfect throw-it-on-and-walk-out-the-door dress. Not too snug and not too long. Speaking of…loving the length on this because it doesn’t go all the way to ground, which makes for a little more breeze in this ridic heat. The price? Soooo affordable. I mean who can pass up a $20 dress with red lips as big as the state of TX it? More often than not, I have a hard time passing up a trendy piece at Forever21…always get sucked in. I am wearing a small in these photos. Order away while supplies last and have a happy Monday! 


Crop It Like It’s Hot!

 photo DSC_0907_zpsecea6019.jpg photo DSC_0931_zpse470717a.jpg photo c6384092-9524-429e-b275-09f39670e61e_zps6c40aa0c.jpg photo DSC_0938_zps13c6a9ca.jpg photo 365e57e7-4f00-453f-be7c-c3afe8e1b06d_zpsa96573a0.jpg photo DSC_0937_zps206f584c.jpg photo DSC_0932_zps19da4ded.jpg photo DSC_0935_zps8c41ca2c.jpg photo DSC_0917_zps4b84110e.jpg photo DSC_0928_zpsb81322b2.jpg photo DSC_0906_zpsd77cbca1.jpg photo DSC_0930_zps65f275ce.jpg photo DSC_0925_zps3320249c.jpg photo DSC_0934_zps041b4a9d.jpg

Top: ASOS Pants: Angie (Similar 1 & 2) | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Necklace: King Baby | Purse: Tory Burch |

Ok, who doesn’t love a good crop top in this killer heat we endure here in the South?? And duh…if you didn’t already know, the 90’s have come back (for a lack of better terms) swingin’. My crop top collection has grown tremendously this summer and my favorite thing to pair them with is anything high wasted. AKA vintage Levi shorts and….these pants. Can we talk about how rad these are? What’s even more rad (for you guys at least) is that these pants are on sale right now! After I bought these pants for $50 or whatever they originally were, they went on sale. Don’t you hate it when that happens? And even more dissapointing for me/awesome for you, I recently found the EXACT same replica at Forever 21 for only $20. However I can’t find them online so you’ll just have to do the dirty work and make your way to the mall if you want to save the $15 difference. You just can’t beat Forever 21 can you?
On a side note, this is another one of those summer to fall pieces. I can’t wait to pile on the layers. I’m totally wearing these pants with a simple black tee, black leather jacket, and tons of the layered edgy necklaces.

What other ways do you like to wear your crop tops? I would love to hear. 
I’m off to Dallas for the weekend to see family and celebrate my beautiful mother’s bday. 
I hope you enjoy yours as much as I will mine! 
Peace out girl scouts, xx.

Simple Chic

 photo 1fd6368a-7dea-403a-90ee-0ba67a92b668_zpsf4903124.jpg photo d87f603e-0ad7-4120-9f2e-0e8ed4f4e893_zps75e3bc54.jpg photo 2c929eea-cfc1-4240-9a71-5c56b1301153_zps18c9b425.jpg photo f9549722-76c7-4158-bfb5-2f5e2784b92c_zpsd8dc2a68.jpg photo af0a1186-7311-4194-b3f2-2607bbc4a845_zps06841190.jpg photo 155dcbda-e327-48c9-92f6-91f8ce76f1f8_zps97be1b66.jpg photo 44dc9aa6-04c8-4eb9-adff-f827b8770498_zps8d1deea5.jpg photo 6d078c56-bbbf-4156-aa63-16cb3f182fdf_zpsc6c25111.jpg
Top: Rag Market (old, similar here & here) | Shorts: I. Madeline (sold out, other favs hereherehere, & here) | 
Shoes: Zara (similar here) | Bag: Tory Burch | Necklace: Helen Ficalora | Bracelets: BCBG / Forever 21 |

Another pair of printed shorts? Duh. This has been my summer go-to. So easy to throw on with a basic plain tee and your favorite pair of little black booties for the perfect day look, but they can also be dressed up with a simple/sexy black pump and & leather jacket if you’re taking this look into the night. This is a very simple, yet chic look that every gal should learn to nail. Oh and these babies aren’t going anywhere. Def staying in my closet for the fall…because where I live, we can usually wear shorts until the end of october. What items are you keeping in your closet for the fall season?



Top: Trina Turk | Pants:Becca | Sunnies: Nordstrom | Swimsuit: Free People | Shoes: Tory Burch

Yours Truly
Romper: One Teaspoon | Swim: Mara Hoffman | Sandals: Tory Burch | Purse: Juicy Couture | Sunnies: ASOS

As you can tell, this girldidn’t go anywhere without her vail and wishing wand in hand. This day was such a fun girly day! Before we got started on lingerie party festivities we all walked to brunch at a cute little local spot called Barok. The decor was to diiiie for and the food was so amaze….oh and my bloody mary was the best I’ve ever had! After lot’s of food, laughs, and full tummy’s (perf for a beach day, right?) we made our way back to the hotel. While my mom & I prepped for the lingerie party later that evening, the rest of the crew made a head-turning appearance walking through the pool area to the beach. You should’ve seen it…people were googoo gaga over the bachelorette’s entire gettup, but who wouldn’t be? How precious is the little bride tutu my mom made lex (DIY queen if you didn’t catch on already)? I told her she needs to start a little etsy store of all the fab things she makes and ideas she comes up with. She would kill it.
In other news, I shot some super cute looks with a good friend of mine last week and I can’t wait to share those with you this week. Happy Monday y’all!