I’m in Miami Trick

Hat: Free People | Dress: gifted | Clutch: Clare Vivier | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 
Ok, so how fab is this little pink bow dress? I am in love for two reasons. One because this HOT pink color is so bright it could blind you, and secondly because the designer of this dress is Sage. I got this as a gift from one of my girlfriends for my birthday last month and was shocked to find that tag that read ‘Sage’. Even better, my friend had absolutely no idea until I opened the gift that this was the case. She only got it for me because she saw it on the mannequin at this cute little boutique (Blush in Norman) and said “omg, that’s so Sage..I have to get it for her for her bday”. What a perfect match :). I love all of the dresses from this line and will now be a relentless buyer for obvious reasons.

Speaking of my birthday (I know, it’s been too long since my last post) I had a couple people that caught my Polyvore bday wish list drift. This amazing clutch…. c/o my stylish bf – Dane (thanks babe) was my fav. I have been dying for an excuse to wear this number ever since the cute little care package arrived at my door. Although the dress was so perfectly loud, the clutch steals the show in this getup. The leopard print really pops on a solid bright background. Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed! Enough about me though, the real reason we were in Miami was for my beautiful sisters bachelorette party. I was the Maid of Honor and had SO much fun planning her weekend trip to Miami. We had a party of 10 and things got wild of course. I styled my sister in all white the entire weekend (literally). Stay tuned this week for more fun posts from Miami babyyy.
 Have a lovely day!

DIY: Gold & White Striped File Organizer

 OK, so I know this isn’t a DIY blog, but it is a style blog and styling isn’t only meant for outfits people! I love rearranging, re-inventing, re-furbishing and re-styling my home. I’m a creative mind at heart and art (whether it be painting or crafting) is something I love to do. This is just to show you a simple way of turning something boring around your house into a chic accent piece. Anyone can do it, it’s so simple and easy! I got these cheap untreated wood, file organizer things, probably 3 years ago at ikea and they STILL carry them! I started by spraying the whole unit with a flat white spray paint. I let that dry over night so that when I put the tape on, it wouldn’t take the paint off.  For the lines to be even I just used Frog painters tape on one flat side and just wrapped it all the way around until I had come full circle (you just have to eye it on keeping the lines even). Once I finished taping it off I did 3 coats of gold spray paint (Rustoleum Metallic Gold is my fav gold spray paint). After you let it dry for 3 hours or so, pull off the tape and voila!! (Sorry for skipping pictures of steps in between….I got a little excited!!)
I hope you guys enjoyed this!

Ivory Lace Crochet Dress

Photos by: Austyn
Dress: BCBGMAXAZRIA (major sale) | Belt: Forever21 (similar) | Flats: Sam Edelman | Bag: Tory Burch | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Gifted (Cook Diamonds) | Watch: Rolex  | Rings: Gifted (similar here) | 
After waiting until the last minute to decide what I was going to wear for my birthday (usually never a good idea), I quickly remembered I had been saving this crochet gem for a special occasion. What better occasion than my 24th birthday?! In my opinion, ivory lace crochet has classy written all over it– and for this year’s birthday, it was too perfect not to wear. I’m not saying I am the classiest lady there ever was, but I am at a time in my life where I love portraying the professional, confident, & successful business woman that I have become over the last year (nothing wrong with that). Not to mention, in my profession I am usually wearing athletic apparel on a daily basis…so getting dolled up and wearing a fem little dress is a lot fun every now and then! Why did I belt it? Well, see… I wasn’t fortunate enough to be blessed with female curves, so I have to do what I can to accentuate those hips. Adding a high-waisted belt is a super flattering trick for making your waist appear smaller!
If you haven’t noticed…crochet, cutouts, textures and patterns have been some of the hottest trends this spring/summer. And if you thought crochet was only meant for the blanket your grandmother made you when you were a child, think again. This pattern has been in the fashion industry for decades and it isn’t fleeting anytime soon. Crochet is such an easy way to add a little bit of texture to your look. I was going for a feminine/flirty feel here because it was my birthday and birthday girls can do that!!

Adding a Pop of Color

Isn’t this collage just to die for? It almost looks edible to me. Ok, I could eat it. Because it looks like candy and candy is my fave! I made this collage in Polyvore (my latest obsesh) and I can’t get enough of all the vibrant color going on here. 
Adding a pop of color to your look will make you feel oh so chic on those blah outfit days. You know, the kind of day when you have just recently revamped your wardrobe and you still don’t feel like you have anything to wear? Ya, those (we ALL have them). 
The key: Keep most of your look neutral and add your pop of color in random places (accessories are perf for this). Think black romper, white blazer w/ black trim, #12 necklace, #6 flats & #10 watch. OR simply throwing #8 or #14 with a plain white maxi dress. The ideas are endless! Whatever you decide, keep it simple. Don’t try to put #3, #4, #16, and #14 all together at once (so tacky). The purpose of this trend is to take the blah out and bring your inner chic to life. My favorite thing to do is add a few different shades of the same color pop. I also love something as simple as a neon skirt (here) or a bright skinny jean with the rest of the outfit neutral colors (black, white, beige, nude, brown, etc).
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Printed Shorts

TOP: Gianni Bini || SHORTS: Forever 21 || BAG: Tory Burch || SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell (old)  || NECKLACE: Vintage (similar here) || WATCH: Rolex

So maybe denim cutoffs will always be a girls summer staple, but the fashion Gods had high hopes for printed shorts this summer and boy were they right. If you don’t already have a pair of these babies in your closet, you better put them at the top of your wish list. Not only are all top notch brands like Isabel Marant & Prada stocking up on these quick-to-sell shorts, but so are more affordable brands like these Forever21 watercolor print shorts. So what if they were only $17.80?? SCORE!! I’m digging this crazy print and these outrageously fun colors. They definitely make for a great day-to-night transition outfit because you can dress them up or down. Here, I did a little bit of both. I wore a dressier top and a more casual shoe. However, all I needed was to throw on a black leather jacket & my favorite black pumps and I’m ready to hit the town girlfriend! Want to play it down a little more? Throw on a white off the shoulder tee and your favorite flats. 

For more fun prints such as beach scenes, gemoetric patterns, motifs, and animal prints, check out some of my favorite online shops — Revolve Clothing — Shopbop  Planet Blue. They totally embody the easy summer vibe that we can never get enough of. 



The Wish List

The Wish List: Chic Style by Sage


As cluttered and random as this set may seem, these are the items on my current wish list. My birthday is coming up at the end of this month and obvi I’ve been on the hunt. Also, my sister’s bachelorette party is in 3 weeks and I’m getting super excited for that!! Outfit planning is already in the works. I know we just met, but if you’re feeling extra sweet on July 23rd I wouldn’t hate it if some of these items magically appeared on my doorstep ;). Hope you all had a fab weekend!