How I Started My Blog and Went Full-Time

A few weeks ago, I posted to Instagram saying how grateful I am to have been blogging full-time for 2 years now and asked if you guys would be interested in hearing about my journey to get here. The response was overwhelming (in a good way), so today I’m sharing my story with power of Olay behind me. 

Best Under $100 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

All the best finds under $100 for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

We all know this is the best sale of the year and for that reason, I have scoured the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for the best finds under $100 that you are sure to love too. Below I have broken it down by category to shop all of my top picks!






The Pants You Need for Summer

pink summer pants on blogger So Sage

Yes, I said it. These are the pants you need for Summer! The color is amazing and the fabric is actually fairly breathable. If I can wear them in this TX heat, literally anyone can. I’m loving the selection River Island has for summer suit pants. These pants are available in 9 different colors and although I’m obsessed with this color pink, I also want the yellow & red now!


Before I Turn 30 + Bucket List Adventures

flower fields in carlsbad California

It’s absolutely crazy to me that I’m even saying this, but one year from next month I’ll be turning 30. That’s just insane. Growing up I always wanted to be older than I was, even in my early 20’s, but in the last few years I have been dreading every birthday getting closser to 30. That number has just freaked me out for some reason. Maybe because I wasn’t engaged/married, no children, or because I have noticed my skin & body changing over the years. I would bet I’m not alone on this….am I right?

Sequin Jumpsuit | Nasty Gal

You know when you see something online and you immediately have to have it? Yeah…that’s how I felt about this sequin striped jumpsuit. Saw it and knew I needed it in my closet ASAP.

I started shopping at Nasty Gal when I was in college and would steal my moms CC # to buy everything I wanted from there (oops). I remember when I finally got busted and my mom asked what the hell was. She thought it was a dirty website or something… LOL!


Botox 101

Q&A on botox with Dr.Phi of Houston, TX

Today I wanted to rip the bandaid off and talk about the hush hush topic we all know everyone does, botox. There’s no secret that botox offers tremendous benefits and it’s really not as scary as everyone thinks. I asked you guys on Instagram a few weeks ago if you had any questions on botox, so I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A after just getting my treatment done. I have been going to Dr.Phi at MIA plastic surgery in houston since last year and I’ve never been more happy with my results. Below are some questions I asked the doctor so I could share with you guys. I am also showing you some photos of before and after. Enjoy!

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