Gender Neutral Master Bedroom

gender neutral bedroom decor grey bedspread

Designing a new home from the outside in is so exciting, but decorating a gender neutral master bedroom can be quite a challenge! When we first got the house I had so many ideas in mind for decorating, but as the process began I started to realize that those ideas would remain ideas (sigh) and you have to compromise when sharing your living space with the opposite sex. This is when we decided that I could take the decor reigns on the office, spare bedroom (that’s being turned into a closet room), guest bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. Kyle’s two areas of interest were the living room and our master bedroom. His only requests were NOTHING FEMININE & NO CLUTTER. Easy enough…right?! Well…not quite, because it turns out Kyle (aka KAREN) has opinions about everything and wants to have a hand in the entire decorating process of these two spaces. Typical man, right?! (ha no…hence the name KAREN)


Simon G Jewelry Event at Bailey Banks & Biddle Re-Cap

simon G gold ring at Bailey Banks & Biddle Houston blogger So Sage

A few weeks ago I teamed up with Simon G jewelry to host an event at Bailey Banks & Biddle (Town & Country Village location) here in Houston.  If you follow along on Instagram, you saw that I got to try on a $40K emerald ring…NBD, right?! It was like a dream come true playing dress up in endless amounts of diamonds and beautiful jewelry. I may or may not have been sending Kyle a few pics of the ones I liked 😉

Taking Your Outfit from Beach to Street

beach to street look So Sage Blog

Happy Monday y’all! I had the most incredible weekend meeting my mom’s birth parents and the rest of our family on that side, but I’ll share more on that later in a life update post! Kyle & I are headed to Florida for 7 days this weekend and we can hardly wait. He is finally done with his outage at work, so we are thrilled to  get away and have some quality time together 🙂 With our trip to Florida being around the corner and a 12 day Hawaii trip in July planned, I’ve been thinking a lot about taking outfits from the beach to the street….


The Best Place to Find Unique Fragrances

CLEAN perfume Sephora

As I mentioned in a recent post, my urge to find a few new scents to wear each season is so real. I’m definitely not the type that only wears one fragrance and has a ‘signature scent’…I like to change things up and get bored wearing the same thing over & over again! Just as I see getting dressed to be a reflection of my current mood, same goes for my perfume choice. When I’m getting ready I like to have a handful of options to choose from, that all fit my personality but can also be a further extension of my outfit, the look I’m going for, or the occasion I’m getting ready for.

Gingham Dress

gingham brigitte dress

Nothing screams warm weather like a gingham dress does! As preppy as gingham can be, I love this classic print…especially in black & white and when it comes in a dress silhouette like this one. The smocked portion at the top, the flared sleeves, and the mix of both large and small gingham print checks are everything! 


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